Couple Catches Purple Squirrel in Pennsylvania


0  Updated at 2:28 am, February 10th, 2012 By: ABC Digital
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Courtesy Michelle Emert Carithers and Connie Emert(JERSEY SHORE, Pa.) — Percy and Connie Emert from Jersey Shore, Pa., have been battling the squirrels that damage their bird feeders for some time, but until Sunday they’d never seen a rodent like this — a purple squirrel.

Connie Emert told ABC News that she’d seen the oddly colored squirrel for about a week prior to capturing it, but her husband didn’t believe her.

“He figured it was just an off-color squirrel,” she said.  “But when we trapped it on Sunday he was like, ‘My God, you were right.  It was really purple.’”

Percy Emert traps the squirrels that damage the feeders and sets them free far away from the yard.  Connie Emert estimated he’s trapped at least 50 squirrels this winter.

The couple released the squirrel on Wednesday after showing it to family, friends and neighbors.

The Emerts said they have no idea how the squirrel acquired its unique coloring.

“We’ve never seen one before and no one else ever did either,” Connie Emert said.  “No one else can explain it.  No one has any idea what happened to him.”

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