Facing $16B Deficit, Calif. Governor Proposes New Cost-Cutting Measures


0  Updated at 2:22 pm, May 14th, 2012 By: ABC Digital
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Office of California Gov. Jerry Brown(LOS ANGELES) — In a state where jobs have been reduced, pensions whittled away, and offices closed to save money, California Governor Jerry Brown says it’s still not enough.

Facing a $16 billion deficit, Brown is now proposing that all public employees take a 5-percent pay cut and that voters approve higher taxes.

“We have a more difficult problem.  We’re going to have to cut deeper,” Brown said Monday, proposing $8 billion in cuts from just about every part of government — with big cuts to health care and social services.

“It’s taken a long time….More than a decade to get into this mess,” Brown said.

Schools, he says, will be unaffected by his proposed cuts.

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