Unemployment Rates Showcased in Convention States


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iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — As the Democratic National Convention kicks off today in Charlotte, N.C.,  President Obama must make his case for a second term against a backdrop of 8.3 percent national unemployment, and the rate in the state that is hosting the DNC, where an even higher percentage are looking for work.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate was as high as 11.4 percent in January and February 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state’s unemployment rate is still well above average at 9.6 percent and remains above pre-recession levels.

Here’s an economic snapshot of states where recent political conventions took place, including the conventions for the last presidential election using the most recent monthly unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and foreclosure data from RealtyTrac.

The Democratic National Convention was held in Denver in August 2008 and the Republican National Convention took place in St. Paul, Minn., the following month.

North Carolina
Unemployment rate
July 2012: 9.6 percent
July 2008: 6.6 percent
July 2008: 4,303
July 2012: 2,957 (1 in every 1,463 homes)
Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Charlotte
June 2008: 131.92
June 2012: 112.95

Unemployment rate
July 2012: 8.8 percent
July 2008: 6.2 percent
July 2008: 45,884
July 2012: 25,534 (1 in every 352 homes)
Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Tampa
June 2008: 175.13
June 2012: 132.25

Unemployment rate
July 2008: 5.2 percent
July 2012: 8.3 percent
July 2008: 5,376
July 2012:  2,875 (1 in every 770 homes)
Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Denver
June 2008: 130.16
June 2012: 129.03

Unemployment rate
July 2008: 5.8 percent
July 2012: 5.8 percent
July 2008: 1, 671
July 2012: 2,278 (1 in every 1,030 homes)
Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Minneapolis
June 2008: 141.96
June 2012: 118.34

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