North Korea Claims to Have Discovered Unicorn Lair

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0  Updated at 3:28 pm, November 30th, 2012 By: ABC Digital
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Richard Ross/Getty(PYONGYANG, North Korea) – Anyone who’s always believed in unicorns is about to be validated – by North Korea. The Korean Central News Agency of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or the DPRK,  has just reported the discovery of a unicorn lair by local archaeologists.

The cave is supposed to have housed the unicorn which Kong Tongmyong, the 7th century founder of ancient Korea, is said to have ridden. The News Agency stated the proof of the lair lay in a rectangular rock found nearby which had the phrase “unicorn lair” carved on it.

Local experts are confident that the evidence is enough to prove the existence of the unicorn.

“Korea’s history books deal with the unicorn, considered to be ridden by King Tongmyong, and its lair,” said Jo Hui Sung, Director of the History Institute of the DPRK. “The discovery of the unicorn lair, associated with legend about King Tongmyong, proves that Pyongyang was a capital city of Ancient Korea as well as Koguryo Kingdom.”

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