Can a Cold One Cure Colds?

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0  Updated at 3:47 am, December 12th, 2012 By: ABC Digital
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Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — An ingredient in beer can supposedly help people get over colds, according to a new study.

But don’t get too worked up — there’s a lot more to the story than that.

For one thing, the study was conducted at Sapporo Medical University in Japan.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the school is owned by beer maker Sapporo Breweries.

Researchers at the school discovered that humulone, the key compound found in hops that gives beer that bitter flavor, also has anti-viral properties.  In the right dosage, humulone assists the body in fighting the virus responsible for the common cold.

Naturally, the catch is that it takes 30 12-ounce bottles of beer to get that right dosage, which even for the heartiest beer drinker, would probably prove lethal.

Still, humulone when it’s all alone shows promise, minus the beverage that millions adore.

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