Republican Senator Calls Majority Leader an ‘Idiot’

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0  Updated at 2:32 am, January 8th, 2013 By: ABC Digital
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Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call(WASHINGTON) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is having a hard time lately smoothing out the partisan divide on Capitol Hill.

During the height of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations at the end of December, House Speaker John Boehner hurled a nasty invective at the Nevada Democrat for suggesting Boehner was more interested in keeping his job than doing what was right for the nation.

Now, Reid has raised the ire of Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter for suggesting that the devastation wrought by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina was not as serious as what residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut experienced from last October’s Hurricane Sandy.

The majority leader’s comments from the Senate floor late last week about the foot-dragging for relief to Sandy victims infuriated Vitter, who called Reid “an idiot” for “gravely insulting Gulf Coast residents.”

Reid’s office then released a statement on Monday, saying that he “misspoke” and that what he was referring to was the “economic impact in a more dense metropolitan area.”

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