Idaho Falls Mayor to Not Seek Re-election


1  Updated at 4:14 pm, February 19th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —   After nearly eight years at the helm of the city, Idaho Falls, Mayor Jared Fuhriman has decided to not seek reelection this next fall.  “With our youngest child set to go to college next year, for the first time in decades, my wife Karen and I (being “empty nesters”) are planning on spending allot more quality time together.  With 18 years as an Idaho Falls Police Officer and another (almost) eight as the Mayor, I am ready for some new challenges and am looking forward to spending more time with my family… especially my grandkids!”, stated Mayor Fuhriman.

Between now and the end of his term however, Mayor Fuhriman plans to continue to work towards the continued economic development of the city.  Wrapping up and continuing on several projects that include the “D’ Street Underpass, continued river walk development and overall economic expansion for the city, Mayor Fuhriman plans to keep very busy.

Commenting on his tenure, Mayor Fuhriman stated, “I am very proud of the work that been accomplished over the last several years.  While it has not always been easy, the work has always been extremely rewarding.  I am especially proud of the way the city has been able to weather the economic storms of the last several years without us having to cut services, raise taxes or lower
expectations.  Idaho Falls is a great city with a bright future and I am proud of my years of service here.”

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15 Feb 2017

Robert Patten,

  • Guest

    Watch Dateline for the story of how this pathetic human being, Jared Furhman, manipulated a trusting young man into making a false confession which resulted in his being convicted of murder and being sent to prison, where he has been for years, despite the efforts of the Innocence Project and the mother of the victim to free him. So corrupt and sick, this Jared Fuhrman embodies all the reasons people distrust police.