Jodi Arias Claims Travis Alexander Showed Increasingly Aggressive Behavior


1  Updated at 7:01 pm, February 13th, 2013 By: ABC Digital
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ABC News(PHOENIX) — Jodi Arias’ ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander became increasingly sexually aggressive and violent toward her in the weeks leading up to a confrontation in which she killed him, Arias testified Wednesday in her murder trial.

Arias read text messages aloud that Alexander had sent her calling her his “sex slave” and describing aggressive sexual fantasies he had. The pair were no longer dating, but continued to sleep together as they dated other people.

“You are the ultimate slut in bed,” Alexander wrote in the messages. “When it’s done, the intensity will make your body feel like you have been raped…You’ll rejoice in being a whore that’s sole purpose in life is to be mine, to have animalistic sex with me and to please me in any way I desire.”

Arias also said that he forced her to end friendships with both male and female friends in late 2007, called her a “whore” for being friendly with other men, and began to lose his temper over the phone and in person during frequent arguments.

Arias said she grew tired of his “aggressive, authoritative” behavior and began to distance herself from him, moving away and then writing him a long email telling him that she was never comfortable with their relationship being a secret and that she wanted to “cool it” a little bit.

On the day she moved away from Mesa, Ariz., to California in March 2008, instead of waving goodbye Alexander gave her a rude gesture with both hands, she told the court Wednesday.

She told Alexander she was going to, “be proactive and remove (herself) from the list of people you have to worry about,” but that she loved him and would always be his friend and confidante.

Alexander exploded when he received the email, Arias said Wednesday. He wrote angry instant messages to her by computer and cruel text messages after.

The testimony has followed four days of accusations that paint Alexander as increasingly abusive and sex-obsessed. Arias has claimed Alexander pushed her to the floor, kicked her in the ribs, and broke one of her fingers during an argument. In addition, she testified that Alexander told her that he was sexually attracted to young children and wanted to make a pornographic movie with her.

Arias’ defense attorneys hope the details of the couple’s sex life will help convince the jury that Alexander became so threatening to Arias that she had to kill him in self-defense.

Though she has been on the stand for five days, Arias has not yet described what happened on June 4, 2008, when she allegedly stabbed, slashed and shot Alexander in his bathroom after a day of having sex and taking nude photos.

Before Arias gets off the stand she can expect a withering cross examination by the prosecution. The defense could then call a handful of experts to discuss their relationship. The case could go to the jury in as little as a week.

Arias could face the death penalty if convicted of the brutal slaying.

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  • Kaden

    First she isn’t gorgeous she was a bleached blond with a nice body period, She was treated like a dog by Travis, he was a pig. I believe she was scared of him she was a non human in his eyes. He used abused and then tried to dump her. Doesn’t always work out for guys.