Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Overseas Ad Pulled for Insulting Fat People


0  Updated at 3:37 am, February 21st, 2013 By: ABC Digital
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HBO(LOS ANGELES) — Calling it, “…hurtful to a portion of the public,” Israel’s Second Authority for Television & Radio ordered a cable company to pull a spot starring Seinfeld alumna Julia Louis-Dreyfus because it insulted overweight people.

The ad, for Israeli cable provider Yes, had the actress portraying an office worker who mistakes an overweight colleague’s belly for a baby bump.  In an effort to apologize for the gaffe, Louis-Dreyfus’ character makes another faux pas, insinuating the heavy colleague can’t be pregnant because nobody would date her.

Israel’s Yedid Association for Community Empowerment kicked off the protest over the ad, by blasting it in a letter to Yes CEO Ron Ayalon, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The group also lobbied the country’s Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Council by saying of the spot, “There are a lot of weight-challenged individuals in Israel who are treated in an irreverent and hurtful manner.  There is no justification to illustrate a stigma which suggests a larger woman is either pregnant or simply too fat for anyone to consider going out with.”

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