Wilson Speaks Out About Horse Abuse


3  Updated at 2:08 pm, April 18th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID) – A Bonneville County woman accused of neglecting dozens of horses, allowing some to starve to death, is speaking out about the animal neglect charges against her. Sharon Wilson, who owns a farm south of Ucon, says she feeds her horses twice a day and doesn’t deserve any fines or jail time. A court advocate, Sharon Williamson, says it’s Wilson’s constitutional right to starve her animals if she wants to. Wilson will be back in court May 23. 


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  • Diogenes22

    And in between today and May 23 how many more horses will starve to death? These horses need to be removed from Ms. Wilson until it is determined if she is guilty of animal abuse. For Heaven’s Sake, someone must take responsibility for these abused horses.

  • Kelly Blevins

    Her constitutional right ??? This sick bitch should be hung by her throat in public. Maybe a good old fashioned stoning would be better. People like this always get theirs and this one cannot escape Karma,, It will find you Sharon and I hope you suffer horrifically.

  • a nony mouse

    it’s the ‘court advocate’ that said that it was her constitutional right – what’s a court advocate? a lawyer?