Frank VanderSloot on Idaho’s Morning News


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frank vandersloot

(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —  The CEO of Melaleuca, Frank VanderSloot, joined Tim Lewis on Idaho’s Morning News Monday to address his situation with the IRS this past year, and to discuss the current scandal surrounding the Obama Administration concerning the IRS targeting conservative groups and individuals.   Mr. VanderSloot has been on a media tour this past week having been to New York three separate times to appear of Fox News Channel as well as ABC, NBC and others.   As you may recall, VanderSloot was one of 8 individuals placed on an Obama ‘Hit List’ after he donated to a Mitt Romney Super PAC.   He was almost immediately placed on an audit list.   The government then proceeded to audit him professionally and privately, as well as a Labor Department investigation into his Ranch business in Idaho Falls.   More than most people ever go through in ONE year.

Hear the interview HERE:  

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