Top 14 Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree


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Medioimages/Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — While one’s earning potential increases with a college degree, you don’t necessarily need to spend $40,000 a year for a diploma for a job that pays as much.

Jobs search site released a list of 14 of the best jobs without a college degree.

Tony Lee, publisher of, said opportunities for high school grads and post-high school training are increasing. pulled the 14 jobs from its 200 Jobs Rated Report, which uses data from the Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The site judged the jobs on criteria, including environment, income, stress and outlook, or expected employment growth through 2020, as forecast by the Labor Department.

The highest-paid job by median salary in this year’s list is web developer, which has a median salary of $75,660.

“Web developer has really taken off as a career for computer-savvy job seekers who either are self-taught or took a few college-level courses but didn’t graduate, and who are comfortable enough with their skills to make a meaningful contribution,” Lee said.  “Demand is so great in this field that not having a college degree isn’t a huge turn-off to many employers, especially the smaller start-up firms.”

Here is a list of’s best jobs that don’t require a college degree, in order of median salary:

1. Web developer
Median Salary: $75,660

2. Communications equipment mechanic

Median Salary: $54,710

3. Electrician
Median Salary: $48,250

4. Paralegal assistant
Median Salary: $46,680

5. Plumber
Median Salary: $46,660

6. Industrial machine repairer
Median Salary: $44,160

7. Glazier
Median Salary: $36,640

8. Automobile body repairer

Median Salary: $34,660

9. Administrative/executive assistant
Median Salary: $34,660

10. Bookkeeper
Median Salary: $34,040

11. Pest control worker
Median Salary: $30,340

12. Skincare specialist
Median Salary: $28,920

13. Receptionist
Median Salary: $ 25,240

14. Hair stylist
Median Salary: $22,500

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