Air Tankers Called in to Fight Central Idaho Fires


2  Updated at 11:11 am, July 22nd, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(CHALLIS, ID) – Air tankers from California were called in to fight wildfires in central Idaho over the weekend. The Lodgepole fire near Challis has grown to more than 600 acres, and forced the evacuation of a campground Saturday afternoon. More than 100 were evacuated from the Bradley Boy Scout Camp and the Beaver Creek Campground during a blaze near Stanley. Nearly a dozen wildfires are currently burning across the state.

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  • BlackWidow

    I Better NOT hear anyone from Challis Idaho , Bad Mouthing Californian’s EVER again ! Their Saving Your Butt on this Fire !!!

    • Tara K

      They are a shared national resource paid for by the citizens of the United States. Not Californians. As if we need more reasons to bad mouth Californians. Thanks.