Pocatello Man Fighting Graffiti


1  Updated at 2:43 pm, September 16th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(POCATELLO, ID) – A Pocatello man is taking a firm stand against graffiti.  Larry Larsen, a volunteer with the Pocatello Police Department, has little tolerance for vandalism, and has spent much of his time over the past six years painting over graffiti when he sees it. Larsen claims he’d like to do more to rid the Gate City of vandals, but he’s limited by municipal laws. He says that even if it seems like a losing battle some days, he’ll still be out the next day trying to make the city look better.

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  • Tigerlily

    It is high time that graffiti is stamped out on the walls and fixtures of our land. Beauty and simplicity is part of our America and the Libs cry fowl when ever they are beaten by the might of our hard right. Platitudes won’t destroy our fever, nor will conceived plans by the master puppeteers of the communist manifesto. Until we are done with TV and get off the Internet, our visions remain unfulfilled by the unionized and loose women of the cannon.