No Prosecution for Dog Shooter


2  Updated at 1:41 pm, January 24th, 2014 By: Managing Editor
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(BLACKFOOT, ID) – Bingham County officials will not prosecute a man who fatally shot a hunting dog last month near Springfield. Investigators say the Golden Labrador was running through tall sagebrush about 50 yards away when the shooter noticed the dog. He then stopped, got out of his pickup, and shot the dog, which he reportedly mistook for a coyote. No criminal charges will be filed, because authorities aren’t sure that the man’s actions warrant any punishment. They are, however, recommending that his hunting license be revoked for two years for shooting from a roadway.

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  • $20822404

    He should lose his license for LIFE. You Never shoot what you can’t identify.

  • Coley

    The shooter still remains to be identified. Until that is done, I suggest all hunters and outdoorsmen [and outdoors-women too] pass the word online. DO NOT VISIT BINGHAM COUNTY, IDAHO. Don’t even slow down for gas there. If you do, you, your family or your dog may be shot—and nothing will be done about it. In fact, they won’t even tell you who did it. After all, it’s none of your business and the sheriff says he really doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it anyway. There are lots of places to visit in Idaho where you won’t need to outfit your family with a flack vest and helmet—Bingham County isn’t one of them. Anyone contemplating a voluntary trip there might want to consider a vacation in Afghanistan instead. It’s cheaper and, after all, one third-world locale looks much like the next. So, there are thousands of outdoor websites online that are read by hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts—each of whom spend a lot of money to go hunting or traveling. Let’s make sure they know exactly what occurred and it won’t be long until a boycott is effectively in place. If they think this is just going to go away—they’re greatly mistaken. BOYCOTT BINGHAM COUNTY!