Tuba Player to Blast Mayor Rob Ford for Entire Day


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Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images(TORONTO) — Sometime in the next two weeks, Rob Ford is going to receive an audible surprise.

The embattled Toronto mayor, 44, may be sitting in council chambers when he hears his first blast of brass, or he may be cutting ribbons at a school when he glimpses a glorious flash of gold gliding toward him. Wherever Ford may be, one Toronto native has promised to send a tuba player to shadow the mayor for an entire day.


“Because it’s pretty funny,” says Torontonian Michael, who didn’t want to give his last name for privacy reasons.

“I imagine Rob Ford won’t be too happy about this, but we’ll be respectful,” he told ABC News. ”I’m going to be there with my cellphone.”

Three days ago, Michael, who runs the website unethicalhacks.com, posted an advertisement to Craigslist titled: “Play a tuba while following Rob Ford around for a day (City hall).”

The ad seeks the services of a tuba or sousaphone (the tuba-like instrument commonly carried in marching bands) player, although a “trombone would also be acceptable.”

The idea came to Michael while he was lying in bed, inspired by an old episode of the TV show Family Guy, in which Stewie gets a job following people around with a tuba. He mentions in the ad that he is hoping the “ensuing antics” will play out much like the TV episode and is offering $125 for eight hours of refrain.

So far, Michael has received about seven “serious” responses from both teenagers and professional sousaphone players.

“We’ve been looking at the options,” Michael said. “I’m worried about using minors, in case there are security issues.”

Out of the seven, Michael has selected his favorite, with whom he’ll work out the final touches of the plan. Ford’s security can expect the shenanigans to take place when it’s warm sometime “in the next couple of weeks.”

“I’ve been researching Ford’s agenda,” Michael said. “I want to find a situation where he’s outdoors, preferably.”

The Toronto mayoral candidates are heading into their third month of campaigning ahead of the October elections, and Ford is among those vying for the city’s top spot.

But since Ford first admitted to smoking crack cocaine last November, the beleaguered mayor has shocked the public with revelations of drinking problems and purchasing illegal drugs. Has has also been critizied for knocking down a council woman and making crude oral sex comments. Throughout the ordeal, Ford has refused to step down, leading council members to seek to restrict his mayoral powers because of his erratic behavior while in office.

Michael said he is not trying to sabotage the incumbent mayor’s re-election chances. “I don’t have any political leanings,” he said. “This is merely a gag.”

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