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Attorney Had Date Planned with Beauty Pageant Champion on Night of Deadly Shooting

Attorney Had Date Planned with Beauty Pageant Champion on Night of Deadly ShootingABC News(NEWPORT, Ky.) — Ryan Poston was supposed to be on a date with another woman -- a beauty pageant champion -- on the night that his on-again, off-again girlfriend fatally shot him, it was revealed in a Kentucky courtroom on Thursday.Audrey Bolte, Miss Ohio 2012, said she planned on meeting the 29-year-old attorney for drinks and to play pool on Oct. 12, 2012, but he never showed up.“I found him very entertaining, and that led me to accept an invite to go on a date with him,” Bolte testified.That night, Poston was shot six times, allegedly by Shayna Hubers, according to prosecutors.Hubers, now 24, is accused of one count of murder in Poston’s death.Prosecutors allege that she shot Poston out of anger after he tried to break up with her. Hubers has pleaded not guilty, saying Poston, a 29-year-old lawyer, was frequently violent, and that she shot him in self-defense.In the days before he died, Poston had expressed uncertainty about his relationship with Hubers and struggled to tell her about his date, his step-father Peter Carter said.“He was not happy with what was going on,” Carter said.Hubers’ cellmate at the Campbell County Detention Center, Cecily Miller, testified that Hubers seemed almost “carefree” when discussing the shooting and laughed at times, exhibiting similar actions during a police interview played in court days earlier.Hubers laughed “about shooting [Poston] in the face and giving him the nose job he always wanted,” Miller testified.Carter, speaking through tears, said he was proud of his step-son.“I was hard on him at times because I have high expectations,” he said. ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Pen Poke Postpones Chicago Plane Departure

Pen Poke Postpones Chicago Plane DepartureFile photo. Southwest Airlines(CHICAGO) — A Southwest Airlines flight was delayed several hours Thursday afternoon at Chicago Midway Airport after a man complained of being stabbed by his seatmate.Flight 577 was taxiing toward takeoff, en route to Manchester, New Hampshire, when it was forced to return to the gate after sleeping passenger Lenny Mordarski says he woke up screaming for help because the woman seated next to him was jabbing him in the arm with a pen in order to get him to stop snoring.“Imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees, and then waking up and going owwww,” Mordarski said.Witnesses said Mordarski was loud in his reaction to the pen poke, but those close to him said his snoring was loud as well.Security staff escorted the woman from the plane and the Chicago Fire Department was called to look at Mordarski's bruises.In a statement, Southwest Airlines characterized the incident as a “poking” -- not a “stabbing.” The woman was removed and put on another flight. It’s unknown whether she will face any charges.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Thousands of Iraqi Families Flee Ramadi as Islamic State Militants Advance

Thousands of Iraqi Families Flee Ramadi as Islamic State Militants AdvanceFile photo. Paula Bronstein/Getty Images(BAGHDAD) — An Iraqi official says more than 2,000 families have fled the city of Ramadi to escape Islamic State militants who are advancing on the provincial capital of western Anbar province.Those families are now settling on the outskirts of nearby Baghdad.ISIS fighters have seized several villages around Ramadi in recent days, but Iraqi military officials say their forces still control the center of the city.The extremist group has controlled the nearby city of Fallujah for more than a year.Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey said Thursday that Iraq “has made gains” against the militant group.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Putin Defends Missile Sale to Iran; Denies That Russian Troops in Eastern Ukraine

Putin Defends Missile Sale to Iran; Denies That Russian Troops in Eastern UkraineSean Gallup/Getty Images(MOSCOW) — Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday defended his decision to sell a long-range missile defense system to Iran and continued to insist there are no Russian troops in Ukraine.During his annual marathon phone-in, where ordinary Russians have the chance to ask their president to help solve their problems, Putin explained his decision to allow the delivery of advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Iran, saying there was no reason for Russia to not complete the sale of the S300 missiles now that a framework for a nuclear deal between Iran and Western powers was agreed to last week.On the subject of Ukraine, Putin blamed the Ukrainian government for failing to find a peaceful way out of the conflict and accused it of installing an economic blockade on the regions occupied by pro-Russian rebels.Putin also flatly denied there were Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine, despite strong evidence to the contrary.State Department spokesperson Marie Harf says the U.S. knows that is simply not true. “I think we know as of early April that Russian military forces continue to operate in Eastern Ukraine. This isn't just our word for it. There are pictures. There is evidence out there,” Harf said.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Tennessee Lawmakers Clash over Bill Making the Bible the Official State Book

Tennessee Lawmakers Clash over Bill Making the Bible the Official State BookiStock/Thinkstock(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — The Bible is not going to be the official state book of Tennessee.  At least not this year. One day after the Tennessee House of Representatives passed a measure 55-38 declaring the Bible the official state book, the state Senate Thursday voted 22-9 to send the measure back to committee, effectively killing it, the Tennessean reports.Republican Senator Steve Southerland supported the bill, telling fellow lawmakers, “The Bible has great historical and cultural significance in the state of Tennessee.”Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris, a Republican, opposed the measure: “All I know is that I hear Satan snickering. He loves this kind of mischief. You just dumb the good book down far enough to make it whatever it takes to make it a state symbol, and you’re on your way to where he wants you.”Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey also opposed making the Bible the official state book. “We don’t need to put the Bible besides salamanders, tulip poplars and ‘Rocky Top’ in the Tennessee Blue Book to appreciate its importance to our state.”  The Blue Book is the official government manual of Tennessee. Salamanders, tulip poplars and "Rocky Top" are Tennessee’s state amphibian, tree and song, respectively.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Gyrocopter Man Released, Ordered to Stay Away from US Capitol

Gyrocopter Man Released, Ordered to Stay Away from US CapitolABC News(WASHINGTON) — He won't be flying his gyrocopter anytime soon, but Doug Hughes is a free man.The 61-year-old Postal Service worker who landed his gyrocopter on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol appeared in federal court Thursday afternoon in his USPS uniform and was charged with one count of knowingly operating an aircraft not properly registered and one count of violating national air defense space. He faces up to four years in prison.Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson released Hughes on his own recognizance, on the conditions that he stay away from any type of aircraft, report to pretrial services in Tampa once a week and remain confined to his home in Ruskin, Florida.He is also barred from returning to the District of Columbia except for court appearances and meetings with his attorney. And if he does return to D.C. he must stay away from the Capitol and the White House.Hughes took off from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Wednesday afternoon and flew his gyrocopter 80 miles to Washington, D.C., flying just 150 feet above ground at roughly 45 miles per hour. His stunt was an effort to draw attention to the issue of campaign finance reform.Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson admitted Hughes literally flew in under the radar. ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” “Unfriended,” “Monkey Kingdom” Open Friday

“Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” “Unfriended,” “Monkey Kingdom” Open Friday"Unfriended" - Universal(NEW YORK) — Here's a look at the new movies opening nationwide Friday:Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 -- Kevin James reprises his role of the titular character, a security guard who this time chases after thieves while in Las Vegas with his daughter. Raini Rodriguez, Neal McDonough and Shirley Knight also star. Rated PG.Unfriended -- In the horror film, whose story is told via a teenager's computer screen, the teen and her friends are terrorized by someone seeking vengeance for a shaming video that resulted in a girl committing suicide a year earlier. Shelly Hennig, Moses Jacob Storm, Renee Olstead, Will Peltz, Jacob Wysocki, Courtney Halverson and Heather Sossaman star. Rated R.Monkey Kingdom -- The Disneynature film, narrated by Tina Fey, follows a monkey and her new son in South Asia. Rated G. True Story -- A disgraced reporter meets an accused killer who took his identity, and things get complicated from there. Jonah Hill, James Franco and Felicity Jones star in the drama. Rated R.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Chris Messina Makes Directorial Debut with “Alex of Venice”

Chris Messina Makes Directorial Debut with “Alex of Venice”Emily Shur/FOX(NEW YORK) — Chris Messina is making his directorial debut with Alex of Venice, in which he also stars. So what's the film all about?"Alex of Venice is about a woman, Alex, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and she's left by her husband with their 10-year-old son and kind of forced to put the pieces of her life back together again," he tells ABC Radio. "It's a slice-of-life film. It's definitely inspired by films that I love, '70s movies, that kind of made me want to be an actor, so that's why I wanted to do it," Messina adds."All the characters are going through some sort of change," he continues. "Some of them are choosing it and some of them are not. But change is obviously inevitable and it is often really painful even when it's good."The Mindy Project star says he was more than prepared to step behind the camera."I liked going behind the camera. I've had the great fortune of working with some great directors that I have stolen from for this movie and then some bad directors that I've also kind of stolen from in terms of what not to do," he admits. "One of my favorite things about acting is collaborating. This time as a director you get to collaborate with everybody, but at the end of the day you're the final voice in it. It's refreshing and it's nice and it's nerve-wrecking because if people don't like it, there's only one director."Not only is Messina the director, but he also portrays the fleeing husband, George, in the film. The actor warns that his character isn't completely a bad guy."In truth he might be doing a sh**ty thing or he might be doing it sh**ty, but I actually think in this particular situation they are inevitably going to break up and actually he's calling attention to the problems," he explains. Alex of Venice, which also stars Don Johnson and Derek Luke, is out Friday.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Sony Pictures Condemns WikiLeaks Posting of ‘Sony Archives’ Database

Sony Pictures Condemns WikiLeaks Posting of ‘Sony Archives’ DatabaseDan Kitwood/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Months after the Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking scandal, much of the studio's leaked information has been made available on the WikiLeaks website in a searchable database.If WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has his way, that material will always remain accessible to the public.  Assange said in a statement on the website, "This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation." He adds, "It is newsworthy and at the center of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there."On Thursday, Assange's website published a searchable database called "The Sony Archives." The database has 30,287 documents from Sony Pictures, as well as 173,132 emails, and more than 2,200 Sony Pictures email addresses.However, Sony Pictures has a different take on the security breach and massive release of Sony Pictures information on WikiLeaks.  A spokesperson for Sony says in a statement obtained by ABC News, "The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures was a malicious criminal act, and we strongly condemn the indexing of stolen employee and other private and privileged information on WikiLeaks."The statement continues, "The attackers used the dissemination of stolen information to try to harm SPE and its employees, and now WikiLeaks regrettably is assisting them in that effort. We vehemently disagree with WikiLeaks' assertion that this material belongs in the public domain and will continue to fight for the safety, security, and privacy of our company and its more than 6,000 employees."The hacking scandal occurred in December in the lead-up to the studio's planned release of the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy The Interview.  The movie, which ended up being released only to select theaters as well as to streaming services, centers around a fictional attempt to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Being Charitable Is a Competition for Guys

Being Charitable Is a Competition for GuysiStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — For many men, everything is a competition. Researchers in the U.K. studied donation patterns on over 2,000 online fundraising pages and found that guys will give four times more money to a fundraiser when the organizer is an attractive female and when another man has given a large donation.The researchers have labeled this response “competitive helping.”Women did not show any changes in donation patterns if a male fundraiser was attractive or if large donations were made by other women.The researchers suggest the male behavior is likely subconscious, and may be due to an evolutionary psychology that motivates men to compete in the presence of an attractive woman, even if it’s a competition in charity.The report is published in the journal Current Biology.Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Survey Finds, on Average, Americans Drive Almost 30 Miles Per Day

Survey Finds, on Average, Americans Drive Almost 30 Miles Per DayiStock/Thinsktock(NEW YORK) — How many miles do you drive per day? A just-released study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the Urban Institute shows that, on average, Americans drive 29.2 miles per day, making two trips with an average total duration of 46 minutes.Here are other notable findings from the foundation's new American Driving Survey: Motorists age 16 years and older drive, on average, 10,658 miles per year. Women take more driving trips, but men spend 25 percent more time behind the wheel and drive 35 percent more miles than women. Both teenagers and seniors over the age of 75 drive less than any other age group; motorists 30- to 49-years-old drive an average of 13,140 miles annually, more than any other age group. The average distance and time spent driving increase in relation to higher levels of education. A driver with a grade school or some high school education drove an average of 19.9 miles and 32 minutes daily, while a college graduate drove an average of 37.2 miles and 58 minutes. Drivers who reported living “in the country” or “a small town” drive greater distances (12,264 miles annually) and spend a greater amount of time driving than people who described living in a “medium sized town” or city (9,709 miles annually). Motorists in the South drive the most (11,826 miles annually), while those in the Northeast drive the least (8,468 miles annually). On average, Americans drive fewer miles on the weekend than on weekdays. Americans drive, on average, the least during winter months (January through March) at 25.7 miles daily; they drive the most during the summer months (July through September) at 30.6 miles daily. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Three Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Isn’t Getting Any Love

Three Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Isn’t Getting Any LoveEugenio Marongiu/iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A few years ago, if you met your date on the Internet, you may have hid it from your friends and family. Today, it's practically the norm. And it seems to be working. According to a recent Pew survey, the number of Americans who say they met their current partner online has doubled in the last eight years. Even with these statistics, finding true love online can feel more difficult than winning the lottery, and sometimes feel very superficial: swipe right if you like, swipe left if you don’t. “Your profile photo is really important," said Kelly Steckelberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Zoosk and one of the only female CEO's of a major dating company, told ABC News. "Having a gallery of photos makes a big difference and we’ve seen that users that have a full body profile shot somewhere in their gallery get 200 percent more responses to their messages,” Steckelberg added. One of the major criticisms of online dating is people don't always look the same in pictures as they do in person. To tackle this problem, Zoosk launched a new feature called photo verification. How does it work? You uploaded a short video of yourself to your page and other users can verify if your profile photo really looks like you in the video. "Our members that verify their photos get 20 percent greater inbound messages," explained Steckelberg. But it’s not all about looks: What’s equality important is transparency. “When you are honest, you can have a very favorable response rate,” Steckelberg agreed. You could be the best looking person online, but if you start lying about a recent divorce or how many children you have, you are paving the way for failure in the future. This rule should apply no matter where you meet your next potential mate, but fear that your not good enough sometimes forces your hand to fabricate who you really are online. If you are looking for lasting love, this person is going to love being with you no matter what exists in your past. Another tip to attract your soulmate, rather than a one time date, build a rapport online before meeting in person. “We also encourage our users just spend a little time chatting online before they meet up in person,” said Steckelberg. Here are three simple mistakes that could be preventing “The One” from clicking on your profile: 1. Use Spell Check Sounds simple right? Steckelberg says, “Take a quick moment and proof read your profile and your messages. A typo can really decrease your attractiveness to certain people.” 2. Delete the Emoticons! According to Zoosk data, there is a 60 percent decrease in response rate when those little smiley faces are in your profile. 3. Ditch Your Pet and Your Ex! It's acceptable to post a photo of your pet in your gallery, but your profile photo should only showcase the best photo of you. That means no cats, no dogs, no birds and especially no ex-boyfriends, according to Steckelberg. “When it has other people in it, or your pets, it really decreases the response rates that you get,” said Steckelberg. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Movie Reviews: “True Story,” “Child 44,” “Unfriended,” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”

Movie Reviews: “True Story,” “Child 44,” “Unfriended,” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”Sony / Columbia(NEW YORK) -- It’s a busy weekend at the box office. Several movies with big-name stars are opening, but it seems studios are using the time between box office champ Furious 7’s release and the May 1 opening of The Avengers: Age of Ultron to dump some duds.First up, the drama True Story, which has so much star power that on paper, it looks like an Oscar contender: Academy Award nominees Jonah Hill, James Franco, and Felicity Jones head the cast, and Brad Pitt is a producer. But once you see it, you realize why it’s being burned off in mid-April and not opening later in the year, where most awards contenders debut. As the title declares, True Story is based on a true story, about disgraced journalist Michael Finkel and his discovery that an accused murderer was assuming his identity. Hill plays the former writer for The New York Times, who gets drawn into the mind of Christian Longo (Franco), on trial for killing his wife and three kids in 2001. It’s a fascinating story, ripe for a film adaptation and probably a slam-dunk in the right hands, but here it’s not nearly as juicy or as gripping as you want it to be.The acting and directing are solid -- Franco knows his way around a creep, Hill is serviceable but forgettable, and Jones does a lot with little to chew on as Hill’s long-suffering wife. The script appears to be the weak link here: at times boring, at time just ridiculous, with one jailhouse speech given by Jones that’s meant to be chilling, but just comes off as absurd.Then again, it’s no more absurd than Child 44, another star-packed film that fails to deliver. Tom Hardy stars as a Stalin-era Soviet soldier hunting down a child murderer. The main problem with this movie is its lack of focus: it starts out as a gripping thriller about the destructive nature of communism, and by the end it’s basically an episode of Law & Order: Moscow. With mud wrestling. Seriously.Again, there are solid performances from the big names involved, including Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace and Joel Kinnaman. But you have to wonder if they burst out laughing after each take -- some of the lines are just that silly.Speaking of silly, there’s Kevin James’s return as the title character in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, which actually may not be silly. I have no idea -- the studio didn’t screen it for review, which is never a good sign. So why did Sony feel the need to make a sequel to the 2009 comedy? Because it made over $180 million on a budget of just $26 million, numbers no studio is going to ignore.  Which bring us to our final wide release of the week -- the horror film Unfriended. If you’d told me before I saw it that a movie filmed almost entirely on Skype, and starring five little-known actors, was going to be a whole lot more enjoyable than movies starring James Franco, Jonah Hill, Felicity Jones, Tom Hardy, et. al., I would have suspected you’d smoked too much of Jonah Hill’s stash. And I’d have been way wrong.Unfriended is basically a scary version of that Modern Family episode from February that took place entirely on mobile devices. You’re watching five of the most annoying teens in the world having an inane conversation, and then they satisfyingly get killed off one by one. It drags a little here and there and could have actually used more gore, but in the end, Unfriended’s moral of “bullying people online leads to stupid teens getting dead” should be mandatory high school viewing. Our scoreboard:Unfriended (R): Three-and-a-half out of five stars.Child 44 (R): Two out of five stars.True Story (R): Two out of five stars.Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (PG): ? Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

E-Cigarette Users Less Likely to Quit Smoking, Study Says

E-Cigarette Users Less Likely to Quit Smoking, Study Saysnito100/iSTock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Companies sell e-cigarettes as a bridge to quitting tobacco, but according to a new study, smokers who have used e-cigarettes are less likely to quit smoking or decrease their cigarette consumption.   Researchers looked at the smoking habits of 1,000 adult smokers in California at two time points, one year apart in a new study published in The American Journal of Public Health.Cigarette smokers who had “ever” used e-cigarettes were significantly less likely to quit smoking for more than a month, and also much less likely to decrease cigarette consumption than those who had never tried them, according to researchers. Even after taking other factors into account, such as intention to quit smoking or level of nicotine dependence, the study results held true, researchers said. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Candy Crush Bender Causes Man to Rupture Tendon in Thumb

Candy Crush Bender Causes Man to Rupture Tendon in ThumbPHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images(SAN DIEGO) -- The joy felt when playing Candy Crush helped mask the serious injury a California man sustained from countless hours of playing the game. The 29-year-old former sailor played Candy Crush all day during a six-to-eight week stretch, suffering a ruptured tendon in his left thumb due to excessive game play, according to a case study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine. "His tendon was getting inflamed and worn down and he didn't feel pain," Dr. Andrew Doan of the Naval Medical Center San Diego and one of the authors of the study, told ABC News. Tendons run over the bone in the thumb, so the swiping motion a person repetitively makes can cause tendons to become inflamed, Doan said, ultimately limiting movement. Playing the addictive game all day with his left hand, the man, who is not identified in the study, said he used his dominant right hand for other tasks. "Playing was kind of a secondary thing, but it was constantly on," the man said, according to the study. Doan said the fact that the man did not report any pain shows how video games could act as a sort of digital pain killer. "The problem is when we play video games it can stimulate the mind and body to release natural chemicals, such as adrenaline and cortisol, Doan said. "We believe also endorphins, which are natural painkillers, are released." Doan also cited two studies that show playing video games could be helpful in dulling the pain of pediatric patients and burn victims, who are able to play while nurses scrub their wounds. After his sweet streak playing the game, the Californian ultimately ended up on the operating table where he underwent surgery to repair the tendon. King, the maker of Candy Crush, did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment. While the case is interesting because the man said he couldn't feel pain, Doan said it should serve as a cautionary tale for gamers who find themselves addicted. He recommends limiting smartphone games to one hour per day. "Everything in life is in moderation," he said. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Jose Reyes Leaves Game with Sore Ribs

Jose Reyes Leaves Game with Sore RibsTony Firriolo/MLB Photos Via Getty Images(TORONTO) -- Another year, another injury for Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes.On Thursday, Reyes left the team's game against the Tampa Bay Rays after one at bat with soreness in his ribs. This injury is not a huge surprise, considering Reyes has been dealing with soreness in his left side for several days.Reyes grounded out in his one at-bat, and after reaching the dugout, he smashed his helmet into the ground before going into the clubhouse.Ryan Goins took over for Reyes at shortstop.There has been no update on Reyes' status for Friday's game against the Atlanta Braves.Since 2009, Reyes has missed 267 games due to injury.In nine games this season, Reyes has hit .333 with five RBIs, one stolen base, and a .359 on-base percentage. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Subban’s Slash Fractures Stone’s Wrist

Subban’s Slash Fractures Stone’s WristMark Serota/Getty Images(MONTREAL) -- Ottowa Senators winger Mark Stone has a microfracture of his right wrist, a result of being slashed by Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban in the first game of the Senators' first-round playoff series with the Canadiens.The infraction occurred at the 8:23 mark of the second period of Wednesday's game. Subban was given a five-minute major and a game misconduct.According to's Pierre LeBrun, NHL disciplinarian Stephane Quintal said Subban won't receive any additional discipline from the league.After the slash, Stone received treatment before reentering the game. He then left the game early in the third period, returning midway through the period. Stone also said that Subban had targeted him earlier in the game."(Stone) came back as a courageous guy after being hurt," Senators general manager Bryan Murray said Thursday. "The disturbing part from our point of view is that there was a threat made before by Subban to Stone."There were two attempts on faceoffs to slash him, one connected. Then he two-handed him across the wrist in front of the net. (Stone) has been one of the top five players in the league the last two months of the year. It's a huge loss."I thought the officials made the right call on the ice, but I thought also, after knowing the extent of the injury, that something further would be considered."When Murray was asked if Stone would play in Game 2, he said that he would assume not and that Stone has no mobility in his wrist at this point.Stone played in 80 games this season, scoring 26 goals and dishing out 38 assists. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Scoreboard Roundup – 4/16/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 4/16/15Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – First Round: Detroit Red Wings 3 – Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (Red Wings lead series, 1-0) New York Rangers 2 – Pittsburgh Penguins 1 (Rangers lead series, 1-0) MLB: Minnesota Twins 8 (3-6) – Kansas City Royals 5 (7-2) Tampa Bay Rays 4 (6-4) – Toronto Blue Jays 2 (5-5) St. Louis Cardinals 4 (5-3) – Milwaukee Brewers 0 (2-7) Washington Nationals 5 (4-6) – Philadelphia Phillies 2 (3-7) New York Mets 7 (7-3) – Miami Marlins 5 (3-7) Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Jeb Bush Takes Jab at Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Need to Go to Chipotle’

Jeb Bush Takes Jab at Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Need to Go to Chipotle’Charles Sykes/NBC(CONCORD, N.H.) -- When it comes to Mexican food, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush doesn't need a campaign stop to stock up -- he cooks it himself.“I actually cook it at home. I don’t need to go to Chipotle,” Bush said at a Republican gathering at the Snow Shoe Club when asked whether he goes to the burrito restaurant.Though he didn’t mention Hillary Clinton by name, Bush was clearly aware of her recent pit stop to the Mexican fast food chain on her road trip across the country, taking the opportunity Thursday night to take a not so subtle jab at the former secretary of state.“Do I go there? Yeah, I go there. The one on US 1. Drive my own car, park my own car, get out of my own car,” he said.  “Get Chipotle, take it home.” (Notably when Bush left the event Thursday night, he sat in the passenger’s seat of the black SUV that awaited him).“But we normally cook our own food, my own Mexican food at home. It’s pretty good,” he said.Bush has previously talked about his love of cooking Mexican food, saying he makes a “really good guacamole.”In other food related news, Bush broke his Paleo diet at the “Politics and Pie” themed event, gleefully shoveling fork after fork of blueberry pie into his mouth. Bush was unapologetic about his blatant breach of the Paleo rules.“This is a total violation,” he said.  “To hell with the diet. Where are the French fries?”And it’s looking more and more like Bush isn’t a strict adherent of the Paleo diet.  He acknowledged to ABC News that he does indeed enjoy a non-Paleo friendly glass of wine from time to time.“Actually, I drink wine in the evenings sometimes, and that’s not Paleo either,” he said. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

Texas Aquarium Accidentally Kills Hundreds of Fish During Parasite Treatment

Texas Aquarium Accidentally Kills Hundreds of Fish During Parasite TreatmentDovapi/iStock/Thinkstock(CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas) -- A treatment meant to eradicate a parasite ended up killing hundreds of fish at a Texas aquarium.The Texas State Aquarium, located in Corpus Christi, announced on Wednesday that nearly 400 fish had a deadly reaction to a “commonly used” drug administered to control a “particularly difficult” parasite that was not responding to other treatments.The fish in the Island of Steel and Flower Gardens exhibit had an “adverse reaction” to the medication Tuesday night, officials said. Staff members at the aquarium worked throughout the night Tuesday to save as many fish as possible, but “considerable losses” were sustained. “This is a very sad day at the Texas State Aquarium,” Aquarium Chief Marketing Officer Richard E. Glover, Jr. said in a statement. “We are working diligently to find out what caused the adverse reaction, and we will keep the public informed with any updates.”Aquarium officials said in a press release that staff had tested the treatment on an individual smaller exhibit with no adverse reaction prior to administering it into the larger exhibit.The loss represents about 13 percent of the aquarium’s overall collection.Tom Schmid, the president and CEO of the Texas State Aquarium told ABC News affiliate KIII-TV on Thursday the aquarium has seen an outpouring of support from aquariums and scientists from around the world.“We’ve been contacted by over two dozen aquariums that have offered to send us animals, offer assistance, send personnel, aquariums from as far away as Singapore,” he told KIII-TV on Thursday. “This is a great community that we work in. Our aquarium friends all over the country have been very supportive of us.” The aquarium has sent water samples from affected exhibits to testing laboratories in hopes of a clear explanation for what caused the adverse reaction. Follow @ABCNewsRadio Copyright © 2015, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.

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