5 of you will win a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day from The Rose Shop

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Motorist dies in crash west of Blackfoot

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Hikers find human foot on beach

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Must watch: Baby Confused by Father and His Twin

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Local moms design a trendy way to carry insulin pumps

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Christie, who earlier made headlines by suggesting teacher unions deserved a punch in the face, reinforced that sentiment, arguing that "unions are "punching us all the time," The Associated Press reported. (Stephen Chernin, ©istockphoto.com/EdStock)

Chris Christie suspends presidential campaign

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Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina ends presidential bid

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Dog 1 feature

Potter: The time I thought eating dog food was a good idea

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FULL REPORT: Train wreck spills tons of soda ash near American Falls

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beck and hudson

Details released on I-15 police pursuit

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Man accused of sexually abusing teenager for years

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Fidell tells Nick, he is characterizing tomorrow's meeting between his client and investigators as an "interview" and he assumes "it will be people sitting around a conference table."   When asked about any anticipated length on tomorrow's meeting between Bowe and General Kenneth Dahl, "I'm not in control of this process.  General Dahl is the one calling the shots." "I'm not going to be running the show."

Fidell describes this as one of the bigger cases of his career. 

"We've done our preparation.  We've reviewed documents including some classified materials today from which we learned a lot.  I think tomorrow will be an interesting and productive day." 

-From CNN's Nick Valencia

Bowe Bergdahl court martial delayed

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Seriously. Romantic comedies could put you in danger. And not because you ran out of tissues. (DepositPhotos)

One big reason to quit your rom-com binge-watching

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