People Magazine featuring in-depth story on DeOrr Kunz

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Disgusting behavior of ‘Sunday Bandit’ has neighbors worried

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Idaho Falls hosting traffic removal study open house tonight

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Police video shows Utah child rescued from hot car

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Two explosions and gunfire rocked Istanbul Ataturk airport Tuesday, Turkey's semi-official news agency Anadolu reported.
The ministry reported multiple injuries, but the exact number was not immediately clear.

UPDATE: Istanbul terror attack: 41 killed; airport resumes flights

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UPDATE: Man accused of stealing from Pretzelmaker hasn’t been fired

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Volkswagen's deliberate cheating on emissions tests will cost it a record $14.7 billion.

Volkswagen agrees to pay millions to Idaho consumers for violating consumer protection laws

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Police release name of man killed on Sunnyside Road

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Benghazi report: Clinton should have realized risks

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Pregnant teen beaten by customers over straws while working at Wendy’s

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East Idaho Eats: Karie Anne’s Frozen Dessert serves gelati to die for

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Dump truck accident cuts power in parts of Idaho Falls

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