Police: Shootout with gunman at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs

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Fish & Game searching for suspect who killed cow elk at White Owl Butte

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Giant house spider Tegenaria Gigantea

Police respond to woman screaming in apartment, find man afraid of a spider

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Video shows fist fight over Black Friday deals

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Donald Trump demands apology from New York Times

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A baby with an umbilical cord still attached was discovered this week in a Nativity scene at a New York church, according to church staff.

Newborn baby found in Nativity scene at church

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Black Friday has gained popularity over the years with people frantic to do some major bargain shopping for Christmas. If you are planning to brave the cold and the crowds this year, here are the top stores with the biggest savings, according to a recent study. (DepositPhotos)

10 retailers with highest Black Friday discounts

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REI is paying its employees not to work on Black Friday

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UPDATE: Snow plow and vehicle collision among several crashes on I-15

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Holiday gift ideas for the ‘geeks and techies’ in your life

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Here’s how you celebrate Thanksgiving in space

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Familiar East Idahoans share what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving

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