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Scoreboard Roundup – 1/30/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 1/30/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Philadelphia 76ers 103 (10-37) - Minnesota Timberwolves 94 (8-38)

Atlanta Hawks 105 (39-8) - Portland Trail Blazers 99 (32-15)

Cleveland Cavaliers 101 (28-20) - Sacramento Kings 90 (16-29)

Houston Rockets 93 (33-14) - Boston Celtics 87 (16-29)

Toronto Raptors 127 (32-15) - Brooklyn Nets 122 (18-28)

Dallas Mavericks 93 (31-17) - Miami Heat 72 (20-26) 

New Orleans Pelicans 108 (25-22) - Los Angeles Clippers 103 (31-15)

Utah Jazz 110 (17-30) - Golden State Warriors 100 (36-8)

NHL: St. Louis Blues 3  (31-13-4, 66pts) - Carolina Hurricanes 2  (17-25-6, 40pts)

Pittsburgh Penguins 2 (28-13-8, 64pts) - New Jersey Devils 1 (18-22-9, 45pts) - Overtime

Colorado Avalanche 3 (21-18-11, 53pts) - Nashville Predators 0 (31-11-6, 68pts)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 1/27/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 1/27/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Men's Top 25 College Basketball: (14) VCU 72 (17-3) - George Washington 48 (16-5)

(17) West Virginia 65 (17-3) - Kansas State 59 (12-9)

Xavier 66 (14-7) - (21) Georgetown 53 (14-6)

NBA: Toronto Raptors 104 (30-15) - Indiana Pacers 88 (16-31)

Cleveland Cavaliers 103 (26-20) - Detroit Pistons 95 (17-29)

Milwaukee Bucks 109 (23-22) - Miami Heat 102 (20-25)

NHL:  Columbus Blue Jackets 4 (21-22-3, 45pts) - Washington Capitals 3 (24-14-9, 57pts)

Pittsburgh Penguins 5 (27-12-8, 62pts) - Winnipeg Jets 3 (26-15-8, 60pts)

New York Islanders 4 (32-14-1, 65pts) - New York Rangers 1 (27-14-4, 58pts)

Philadelphia Flyers 4 (20-22-7, 47pts) - Arizona Coyotes 3 (16-25-6, 38pts) - SO

Carolina Hurricanes 4 (17-25-5, 39pts) - Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (30-15-4, 64pts)

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Klay Thompson Scores 37 Points In 3rd Quarter of Warriors Win over Kings

Klay Thompson Scores 37 Points In 3rd Quarter of Warriors Win over Kings

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(OAKLAND, Calif.) -- It was a night that Klay Thompson won't soon forget as he set an NBA record Friday night, scoring 37 points in the third quarter of the team's win over the Sacramento Kings.

Thompson broke the record shared by Carmelo Anthony and George Gervin as made all 13 shots he took in the quarter, including nine from the 3-point line. He wound up finishing the game with 52 points.

"It was kind of a blur. I wish I could go back and enjoy it some more, but moments like that go by really fast," Thompson said.

During the quarter, Thompson's teammates kept feeding him the ball, even passing up their own open looks just to see if Thompson could keep his historic streak going.

"They just kept wanting to see the show," Thompson said. "That's what they kept telling me."

With the win, the Warriors improved to 35-6, the best record in the NBA.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 1/23/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 1/23/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Toronto Raptors 91 (28-15) - Philadelphia 76ers 86 (8-35)

Cleveland Cavaliers 129 (24-20) - Charlotte Hornets 90 (18-26)

Atlanta Hawks 103 (36-8) - Oklahoma City Thunder 93 (22-21)

New York Knicks 113 (8-36) - Orlando Magic 106 (15-31)

Miami Heat 89 (19-24) - Indiana Pacers 87 (15-30)

Chicago Bulls 102 (29-16) - Dallas Mavericks 98 (30-14)

New Orleans Pelicans 92 (22-21) - Minnesota Timberwolves 84 (7-35)

San Antonio Spurs 99 (28-17) - Los Angeles Lakers 85 (12-32)

Top 25 Men's College Basketball: (16) VCU 63 (16-3) - Saint Louis 61 (9-10)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 12/23/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 12/23/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Chicago Bulls 99 (19-9) - Washington Wizards 91 (19-8)

Indiana Pacers 96 (10-19) - New Orleans Pelicans 84 (14-14)

Orlando Magic 100 (11-20) - Boston Celtics 95 (10-16)

Cleveland Cavaliers 125 (17-10) - Minnesota Timberwolves 104 (5-22)

Brooklyn Nets 102 (12-15) - Denver Nuggets 96 (12-17) 

Atlanta Hawks 107 (21-7) - Los Angeles Clippers 104 (19-10)

Philadelphia 76ers 91 (4-23) - Miami Heat 87 (13-16)

Charlotte Hornets 108 (10-19) - Milwaukee Bucks 101 (14-15)

Portland Trail Blazers 115 (23-7) - Oklahoma City Thunder 111 (13-16) - Overtime

Top 25 Men's Basketball: (4) Louisville 80 (11-0) - CS Northridge 55 (3-10)

(7) Villanova 92 (12-0) - N.J.I.T. 67 (5-8)

Stanford 74 (7-3) - (9) Texas 71 (10-2)

(14) Utah 80 (9-2) - South Dakota State 66 (9-4)

NCAAF Bowl Games: Boca Rotan Bowl: Marshall 52 (13-1) - Northern Illinois 23 (11-3)

NHL: Montreal Canadiens 3 (22-11-2, 46pts) - New York Islanders 1 (23-11-0, 46pts)

New York Rangers 4 (18-10-4, 40pts) - Washington Capitals 2 (17-11-6, 40pts)

Toronto Maple Leafs 4 (20-12-3, 43pts) - Dallas Stars 0 (14-14-5, 33pts)

Boston Bruins 5 (18-14-3, 39pts) - Nashville Predators 3 (22-9-2, 46pts)

Philadelphia Flyers 5 (14-14-6, 34pts) - Minnesota Wild 2 (16-13-3, 35pts)

Carolina Hurricanes 2 (10-20-4, 24pts) - New Jersey Devils 1 (12-17-7, 31pts) - Shootout

Detroit Red Wings 6 (18-8-9, 45pts) - Buffalo Sabres 3 (13-19-3, 29pts)

Tampa Bay Lightning 4 (21-11-4, 46pts) - Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (22-7-5, 49pts)

Colorado Avalanche 5 (13-13-8, 34pts) - St. Louis Blues 0 (21-10-3, 45pts)

Arizona Coyotes 5 (12-18-4, 28pts) - Edmonton Oilers 1 (7-21-7, 21pts)

Winnipeg Jets 5 (18-10-7, 43pts) - Chicago Blackhawks 1 (23-10-2, 48pts)

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Warriors Tested by Pelicans, Win 16th Straight

Warriors Tested by Pelicans, Win 16th Straight

NBA via Golden State Warriors(NEW ORLEANS) -- The Golden State Warriors were tested on Sunday night against the Pelicans, but found a way to pull out a 128-122 victory in overtime.

Curry scored eight of his 34 points in overtime and led the team to their 16th straight victory.

"It was just a tough game to win. (The Pelicans) were playing well and hitting shots," Curry said. "Obviously we had enough in the tank at the end to finish it up."

Klay Thompson chipped in with 29 points of his own and will prepare for the Grizzlies next.

"This winning streak feels great and we don't want it to end any time soon," Thompson said.

Pelicans forward Tyreke Evans scored 34 points with eight rebounds in the loss.  Anthony Davis did not play in the game.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 12/8/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 12/8/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NHL: New Jersey Devils 2 (11-13-4, 26pts) - Carolina Hurricanes 1 (8-16-3, 19pts)

New York Rangers 4 (12-10-4, 28pts) - Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (18-6-3, 39pts) - OT

NBA: Atlanta Hawks 108 (14-6) - Indiana Pacers 92 (7-14)

Cleveland Cavaliers 110 (12-7) - Brooklyn Nets 88 (8-11)

Toronto Raptors 112 (16-5) - Denver Nuggets 107 (9-12) - OT

Washington Wizards 133 (14-6) - Boston Celtics 132 (7-12) - 2OT

Golden State Warriors 102 (18-2) - Minnesota Timberwolves 86 (4-16)

Top 25 College Basketball: (15) Butler 93 (8-1) - Kennesaw St. 51 (3-7)

(20) Miami 70 (9-1) - Savannah State 39 (3-7)

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Curry Drops 40 on Heat

Curry Drops 40 on Heat

NBA via Golden State Warriors(MIAMI, Fl.) -- Stephen Curry lit up the Miami Heat Tuesday night as he led the Golden State Warriors to a 114-97 victory.

Curry finished the night shooting 12 of 19 from the floor, draining eight 3-pointers. 

There had been some concern in the past couple days with Curry's shooting as he was 8 of 24 in his previous two games. Curry steadied those worries by finding open looks with the help of his teammates. 

"Everything feels in rhythm," Curry said. "My bigs, Draymon Green, Mo Speights, Andrew Bogut set some great screens for me and I got a lot of space. When you see your first two or three go down, your confidence is at a high. Shots just appear and you have confidence to knock them down."

Heat forward Chris Bosh was utterly perplexed by the end result.  With 6:45 left in the fourth, his team was leading by two.

"We got to the end, we're in the bonus, you know 93-95 and we don't score anymore," Bosh said. "We just forget our offense and I don't know why."

The Warriors have now won six straight and are 11-2 on the season.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/11/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/11/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Toronto Raptors 104 (7-1) – Orlando Magic 100 (2-6)

Memphis Grizzlies 107 (7-1) – Los Angeles Lakers 102 (1-6)

Milwaukee Bucks 85 (4-4) – Oklahoma City Thunder 78 (2-6)

Dallas Mavericks 106 (5-3) – Sacramento Kings 98 (5-3)

NHL:  New Jersey Devils 3 (7-7-2; 16pts) – Minnesota Wild 1 (7-7-0; 14pts)

New York Islanders 6 (10-5-0; 20pts) – Colorado Avalanche 0 (4-8-5; 13pts)

New York Rangers 5 (7-6-2; 16pts) – Pittsburgh Penguins 0 (10-3-1; 21pts)

Washington Capitals 4 (7-5-3; 17pts) – Columbus Blue Jackets 2 (4-10-1; 9pts)

Montreal Canadiens 3 (11-4-1; 23pts) – Winnipeg Jets 0 (8-6-2; 18pts)

Florida Panthers 4 (5-4-4; 14pts) – San Jose Sharks 1 (8-7-2; 18pts)

St. Louis Blues 6 (10-4-1; 21pts) – Buffalo Sabres 1 (3-12-2; 8pts)

Nashville Predators 3 (10-3-2; 22pts) – Edmonton Oilers 2 (6-9-1; 13pts) 

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/1/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/1/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NCAA Football: (7) TCU 31 (7-1) - (20) West Virginia 30 (6-3)

Florida 38 (4-3) - (11) Georgia 20 (6-2)

(13) Baylor 60 (7-1) - Kansas 14 (2-6)

(15) Nebraska 35 (8-1) - Purdue 14 (3-6)

(18) Oklahoma 59 (6-2) - Iowa State 14 (2-6)

Temple 20 (5-3) - (23) East Carolina 10 (6-2)

(24) Duke 51 (7-1) - Pittsburgh 48 (4-5) Double Overtime

NASCAR Nationwide Series: Kyle Busch wins the O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway. Joey Logano was second.

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Warriors Consider Bringing Andre Iguodala Off the Bench

Warriors Consider Bringing Andre Iguodala Off the BenchNBA via Philadelphia 76ers(NEW YORK) -- Despite being one of the highest paid players on the team and a seasoned veteran, first-year Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is strongly considering bringing Andre Iguodala off the bench. The Warriors...

Warriors Reward GM Bob Myers with 3-Year Extension

Warriors Reward GM Bob Myers with 3-Year Extension

Christopher Trotman/Getty Images(OAKLAND, Calif.) -- As the Golden State Warriors continue to ascend as one of the elite teams in the Western Conference, the team has rewarded general manager Bob Myers with a three-year extension.

His deal was set to expire at the end of next season, but now Myers will be under contract with the organization through the 2017-2018 season.

Myers joined the Warriors organization back in 2011 as an assistant GM, he was then promoted to general manager in 2012.

Since taking over the team, Myers has built one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA. They won 47 games his first season as the general manager, and then won 51 games this past season.

Since joining the Warriors, Myers has brought in players like Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson, and Shaun Livingston. All of those players are seen as core players for the franchise.

Myers also oversaw the firing of head coach Mark Jackson and the hiring of Steve Kerr to replace him.

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ESPN: Warriors Agree to Deal with Guard Leandro Barbosa

ESPN: Warriors Agree to Deal with Guard Leandro Barbosa

Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images(BILBAO, SPAIN) -- In an effort to load up on depth at the guard position, ESPN reports that the Golden State Warriors have agreed to terms on a contract with Leandro Barbosa.

Barbosa's deal with the Warriors will be for the league minimum.

Even though he'll start out as the third guard on the depth chart behind Steph Curry and Shaun Livingston, he still provides good value for his salary and place on the roster.

At this point in his career, the Warriors will likely use Barbosa as a 15-20 minute per game player, who can help take the pressure off of Curry at the point guard position.

Now 31 years old, Barbosa will enter his 12th season in the NBA. In 20 games last season for the Phoenix Suns, he averaged 7.5 points in 18.4 minutes per game.

The Warriors are entering their first season under head coach Steve Kerr after they fired Mark Jackson after three seasons.

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ESPN: Warriors Weighing Trade for Kevin Love

ESPN: Warriors Weighing Trade for Kevin Love

Minnesota Timberwovles/NBA(NEW YORK) -- If the Golden State Warriors truly want to get their hands on Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love, they'll have to pay a heavy price. ESPN reports that the team is seriously weighing their options to find what it would take to acquire him via trade.

Reportedly the Timberwolves are asking for a future first-round pick, Klay Thompson, David Lee, and maybe Harrison Barnes in exchange for Love and Kevin Martin.

That is a steep price to pay, but Love is arguably one of the best players in the NBA. This past season, the 25-year-old averaged 26.1 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. He was the only player in the NBA this past season to be in the top-5 in points and rebounds.

Despite Love's immense talent, he hasn't made it to the playoffs during his six-year career. While he hasn't officially asked for a trade, he is likely to opt out of his contract next season to test free agency.

Other than the Warriors, the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics have reportedly engaged in trade talks for Love.

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Sources: Cavaliers Reach Out to Marc Jackson

Sources: Cavaliers Reach Out to Marc Jackson

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Marc Jackson may not be in his new job for long. The current ESPN Analyst, who rejoined the network after being fired by Golden State last month, is reportedly being targeted by the Cleveland Cavaliers for their vacancy.

Sources say that Cavaliers general manager David Griffin called Jackson and spoke with him about becoming the team's head coach. No formal interview was set-up and there have been no reports to gauge Jackson's interest in the position.

The team has already interviewed such candidates as Alvin Gentry, Lionel Hollins, Vinny Del Negro, and former Cavalier Mark Price. David Blatt, the former coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, is reportedly a person of interest as well. 

Jackson coached the Golden State Warriors for three season, building up a 121-109 record and helping to lead the team into the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time in 22 years. The Warriors won 51 games in 2013-14 under Jackson's tutelage. 

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Mark Jackson Returning to ESPN

Mark Jackson Returning to ESPN

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A constant name in the NBA coaching rumor mill, Mark Jackson has landed a new gig. The former Golden State Warrior head man will be returning to his old post as part of ESPN's NBA coverage.

Jackson reached a multiyear deal on Saturday to return to a place he spent five years. The 17-time All-Star will be reunited with former broadcast partners Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy beginning on Sunday when the trio calls Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between Indiana and Miami.

After being fired by Golden State earlier this month, Jackson was rumored to be a candidate for the vacant New York Knicks position. Jackson was 121-109 in three season with the Warriors and led the team to a 51-31 mark this year, the best since the 1991-92 campaign.

Golden State was bounced in the first round of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Clippers. The Warriors hired Steve Kerr as head coach on May 14.

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ESPN Hires former Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson Back

ESPN Hires former Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson Back

Christian Petersen/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Many were waiting to see where former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson would go following being let go by the team. As it turns out, he's heading back to ESPN to return as an NBA game analyst for the network.

Jackson will get right to work as he'll be part of the commentating crew for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Indiana on Sunday.

Jackson worked along Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen on ESPN until he was hired by the Warriors despite no head coaching experience.

He steadily improved the team during his three seasons with the Warriors. This past season, he led the Warriors to a 51-31 record, which was their best mark since the 1991-1992 season.

It was rumored that Jackson was a candidate for the vacant New York Knicks head coaching position, but he's heading back to the broadcast table.

Jackson went 121-109 with the Warriors, and was replaced by former NBA player and GM, Steve Kerr.

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Steve Kerr Hired by Warriors

Steve Kerr Hired by Warriors

Jed Jacobson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) --  The Golden State Warriors have hired Steve Kerr to be their next head coach. 

After turning down a chance to coach the New York Knicks, Kerr agreed to a five-year, $25 million deal to replace the fired Mark Jackson in Golden State.

"They have a good young team. The location is ideal," Kerr said on Wednesday night. "My daughter goes to Cal and plays volleyball. My oldest son is in college in San Diego and our youngest is a junior in high school. It's just a short flight for them."

Kerr was believed to be in talks with the Knicks ever since Phil Jackson was brought to New York to serve as their team president. He won three NBA titles playing for Jackson in Chicago. However, after talking it over with his family, Kerr decided to stay in his home state of California.

"I told Phil, 'I think I have to pursue this other opportunity,' " Kerr said. "He gave me his blessing. He said go look at it, and do what was in my heart."

Kerr spent three seasons as general manager of the Phoenix Suns before stepping down in 2010.  He has never been a head coach.

The Warriors went 51-31 this past season and were eliminated by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

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Warriors Fire Mark Jackson

Warriors Fire Mark JacksonChristian Petersen/Getty Images(OAKLAND, CA.) -- The Golden State Warriors fired head coach Mark Jackson on Tuesday. Jackson led the team to a 51-31 record this year before they were eliminated in the first round in seven games by the Los Angeles Clipp...

Clippers Fend Off Warriors to Advance

Clippers Fend Off Warriors to AdvanceAlex Stone/ABC News Radio(LOS ANGELES)  -- The Los Angeles Clippers had a night of celebration after a week of distraction. The Clippers, which have dealt this week with their owner receiving a lifetime ban from the NBA after a recording of him ma...
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