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Former Utah Jazz Center Enes Kanter Rips the Organization

Former Utah Jazz Center Enes Kanter Rips the Organization

Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images(SALT LAKE CITY) -- After spending the first 3 1/2 seasons with the Utah Jazz, center Enes Kanter is playing some of the best basketball of his career since being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kanter is thoroughly enjoying playing for a new team.

"I love it," Kanter said of his change of scenery. "It's a team I've never experienced before and I actually like playing basketball there. I'm just so comfortable and everything is in the right place. I'm just really happy to be there."

The number two overall pick by the Jazz back in 2011, Kanter played solid basketball, but never quite lived up to expectations. But with the Thunder, he's averaging a career-high 17.6 points and 10.8 rebounds per game, also a career-high.

"I think the difference is, I like playing basketball there," Kanter said. "I think that's the most important thing. I never liked playing basketball before in my NBA career and this is the first time I felt like playing basketball there, for my team, for the fans, for my teammates for my coaches, for everybody. So, that's the first time."

Kanter will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 3/26/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 3/26/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NCAA Men's Tournament: 

Midwest Region: (1) Kentucky 78 (37-0) - (5) West Virginia 39 (25-10)

 (3) Notre Dame 81 (32-5) - (7) Wichita St 70 (30-5)

West Region: (1) Wisconsin 79 (34-3) - (4) North Carolina 72 (26-12)

(2) Arizona 68 (34-3) - (6) Xavier 60 (23-14)


NHL: Carolina Hurricanes 5 (27-36-10, 64 pts) - Pittsburgh Penguins 2  (40-23-11, 91 pts)

Los Angeles Kings 3 (37-23-14, 88 pts) - New York Islanders 2 (44-26-5, 93 pts)

Washington Capitals 3 (40-24-10, 90 pts) - New Jersey Devils 2 (31-31-12, 74 pts) *F/OT

Arizona Coyotes 4 (23-44-8, 54 pts) - Buffalo Sabres 3 (20-46-8, 48 pts) *F/OT

Anaheim Ducks 3 (47-22-7, 101 pts) - Boston Bruins 2 (36-25-13, 85 pts) *F/OT

New York Rangers 5 (47-19-7, 101 pts) - Ottawa Senators 1 (37-25-11, 85 pts)

San Jose Sharks 6 (36-30-8, 80 pts) - Detroit Red Wings 4 (39-22-12, 90 pts)

Nashville Predators 3 (46-21-8, 100 pts) - Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (46-22-7, 99 pts)

Florida Panthers 4 (34-26-14, 82 pts) - Toronto Maple Leafs 1 (27-42-6, 60 pts)

Winnipeg Jets 5 (39-24-12, 90 pts) - Montreal Canadiens 2 (46-21-8, 100 pts)

Colorado Avalanche 4 (33-28-12, 78pts) - Vancouver Canucks 1 (43-26-4, 90pts)

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks 111 (36-36) - Indiana Pacers 107 (31-41)

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Warriors Clinch First Division Title Since 1976

Warriors Clinch First Division Title Since 1976

NBA via Golden State Warriors(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- The Golden State Warriors clinched the Pacific Division after their 122-108 victory over the Trail Blazers on Tuesday night.

Stephen Curry had 33 points and 10 assists in the win and Andre Iguodala contributed with 21 off the bench.

"We might be a little subdued, but I think everybody is proud of what we've done. We still have 11 games left to keep getting better so I think everybody is focused on that," Curry said during their celebration in the locker room. "But I think everybody is pretty happy right now."

"We're very comfortable with how we're going to get shots every single night," coach Steve Kerr said. "Then it's just about executing and not turning the ball over, staying aggressive and making the smart plays."

The Warriors improved to a league best 58-13 with the win.  Portland is 44-25 and sit in the fourth in the Western Conference.

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Rockets Expect Howard to Return Wednesday

Rockets Expect Howard to Return Wednesday

Bob Levey/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard is expected to play in Wednesday night's game against New Orleans, according to head coach Kevin McHale.Howard has not played since Jan. 23 due to knee problems. He's expected to be limited to 20 minutes per game as he works his way back into the lineup. “I am always anxious to play,” Howard told the Houston Chronicle. “Not being on the floor for a long time, watching from the sidelines is hard. I will be happy to finally get back out there and play.”The Rockets have gone 17-9 since losing Howard, and have the third-best record in the Western Conference.The 29-year-old Howard has played in 32 games this season, averaging 16.3 points, 11 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game.

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Lakers’ Steve Nash Announces His Retirement from the NBA

Lakers’ Steve Nash Announces His Retirement from the NBA

NBA via Los Angeles Lakers(NEW YORK) -- After 19 brilliant seasons in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash has announced his retirement.

The 41-year-old Nash announced his retirement in a letter published on The Player's Tribune website.

"The greatest gift has been to be completely immersed in my passion and striving for something I loved so much -- visualizing a ladder, climbing up to my heroes," Nash wrote. "The obsession became my best friend. I talked to her, cherished her, fought with her and got knocked on my ass by her.

"And that is what I'm most thankful for in my career. In my entire life, in some ways. Obviously, I value my kids and my family more than the game, but in some ways having this friend -- this ever-present pursuit -- has made me who I am, taught me and tested me, and given me a mission that feels irreplaceable. I am so thankful. I've learned so many invaluable lessons about myself and about life. And of course I still have so much to learn. Another incredible gift."

A two-time MVP, Nash has all but punched his ticket to the Hall of Fames as he will go down as one of the greatest point guards in NBA history.

Nash retires with career averages of 14.3 points and 8.5 assists per game. His 10,335 assists ranks third all-time in NBA history.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 3/20/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 3/20/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NCAA Men's Tournament - Second Round - Midwest Region: (2) Kansas 75 (27-8) - (15) New Mexico State 56 (23-11)

(5) West Virginia 68 (24-9) - (12) Buffalo 62 (23-10)

(7) Wichita State 81 (29-4) - (10) Indiana 76 (20-14)

(4) Maryland 65 (28-6) - (13) Valparaiso 62 (28-6)

West Region: (1) Wisconsin 86 (32-3) - (16) Coastal Carolina 72 (24-10)

(8) Oregon 79 (26-9) - (9) Oklahoma State 73 (18-14)

East Region: (2) Virginia 79 (30-3) - (15) Belmont 67 (22-11)

(3) Oklahoma 69 (23-10) - (14) Albany 60 (24-9)

(4) Louisville 57 (25-8) - (13) UC Irvine 55 (21-13)

(5) Northern Iowa 71 (31-3) - (12) Wyoming 56 (23-11)

 (7) Michigan State 70 (24-11) - (10) Georgia 63 (21-12)

South Region: (1) Duke 85 (30-4) - (16) Robert Morris 56 (20-15)

(7) Iowa 83 (22-11) - (10) Davidson 52 (24-8)

NBA: Orlando Magic 111 (22-49) - Portland Trail Blazers104 (44-23)

Philadelphia 76ers 97 (17-52) - New York Knicks 81 (14-55)

Cleveland Cavaliers 95 (45-26) - Indiana Pacers 92 (30-28)

Brooklyn Nets 129 (28-39) - Milwaukee Bucks 127 (34-35) - 3 Overtime

Miami Heat 108 (32-36) - Denver Nuggets 91 (26-44)

Chicago Bulls 108 (42-28) - Toronto Raptors 92 (41-48)

Oklahoma City Thunder 123 (39-30) - Atlanta Hawks 115 (53-16)

San Antonio Spurs 101 (43-25) - Boston Celtics 89 (30-38)

NHL: New Jersey Devils 3 (31-29-11) - Buffalo Sabres 1 (20-44-7)

Tampa Bay Lightning 3 (44-21-17) - Detroit Red Wings 1 (38-21-11)

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Rockets Forward Terrence Jones Out Indefinitely with Collapsed Lung

Rockets Forward Terrence Jones Out Indefinitely with Collapsed Lung

iStock/Thinkstock(HOUSTON) -- The injuries keep piling up for the Houston Rockets front-court as starting forward Terrence Jones will be out of action indefinitely as he recovers from a collapsed lung.

Jones suffered the injury in the first quarter of the team's win against Denver Nuggets on Thursday night.

"He got hit really hard in the ribs," Rockets head coach Kevin McHale said. "They don't think he cracked a rib, but he's having a tough time breathing right now."

Already playing without center Dwight Howard, Jones has been a vital part of the team's success this season.

The third-year forward was averaging 12.4 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks this season for the Rockets while averaging 27.5 minutes per contest.

"Guys have to step up, I sure wish Kostas [Papanikolaou] was ready to play, but he's not ready to play, either," McHale said. "You just have to deal with it and be ready to go."

Heading into Friday night, Houston sits third in the Western Conference standings.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 3/19/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 3/19/15

Hemera/Getty Images

(NEW YORK) -- NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament –Second Round – East Region: (1) Villanova 93 (33-2) – (16) Lafayette 52 (20-13)

Midwest Region: (3) Notre Dame 69 (30-5) – (14) Northeastern 65 (23-12)

(8) Cincinnati 66 (23-10) – (9) Purdue 65 (21-13) OT

(6) Butler 56 (23-10) – (11) Texas 48 (20-14)

South Region: (5) Utah 57 (25-8) – (12) SF Austin 50 (29-5)

(11) UCLA 60 (21-13) – (6) SMU 59 (27-7)

(14) UAB 60 (20-15) – (3) Iowa State 59 (25-9)

West Region: (2) Arizona 93 (32-3) – (15) Texas Southern 72 (22-13)

(4) North Carolina 67 (25-11) – (13) Harvard 65 (22-8)

(6) Xavier 76 (22-13) – (11) Mississippi 57 (21-13)

(10) Ohio State 75 (24-10) – (7) VCU 72 (26-10)

(14) Georgia State 57 (25-9) – (3) Baylor 56 (24-10)

NBA:  Houston Rockets 118 (46-22) – Denver Nuggets 108 (26-43)

Minnesota Timberwolves 95 (15-53) – New York Knicks 92 (14-54)

NHL: Ottawa Senators 6 (35-24-11; 81pts) – Boston Bruins 4 (36-24-11; 83pts)

San Jose Sharks 4 (35-28-8; 78pts) – Toronto Maple Leafs 1 (27-39-6; 60pts)

Montreal Canadiens 4 (45-20-7; 97pts) – Carolina Hurricanes 0 (26-35-9; 61pts)

Florida Panthers 3 (32-25-14; 78pts) – Detroit Red Wings 1 (38-20-11; 7pts)

Washington Capitals 3 (39-23-10; 88pts) – Minnesota Wild 2 (39-25-7; 85pts)

Winnipeg Jets 2 (36-23-12; 84pts) – St. Louis Blues 1 (45-20-6; 96pts)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 3/18/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 3/18/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Philadelphia 76ers 94 (16-52) - Detroit Pistons 83 (24-44)

Cleveland Cavaliers 117 (44-26) - Brooklyn Nets 92 (27-39)

Toronto Raptors 105 (41-27) - Minnesota Timberwolves 100 (14-53)

Miami Heat 108 (31-36) - Portland Trail Blazers 104 (44-22)

San Antonio Spurs 114 (42-25) - Milwaukee Bucks 103 (34-34)

Chicago Bulls 103 (41-28) - Indiana Pacers 86 (30-37)

Oklahoma City Thunder 122 (38-30) - Boston Celtics  118 (30-37)

Dallas Mavericks 107 (43-25) - Orlando Magic 102 (21-48)

Los Angeles Clippers 116 (44-25) - Sacramento Kings 105 (22-45)

Washington Wizards 88 (40-28) - Utah Jazz 84 (30-37)

Golden State Warriors 114 (54-13) - Atlanta Hawks 95 (53-15)

NCAA Men's Basketball:

South Region: (16) Robert Morris 81 (20-14) - (16) North Florida 77 (23-12)

East Region: (11) Dayton 56 (26-8) - (11) Boise State 55 (25-9)

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks 1 (43-21-6, 92 pts) - New York Rangers 0 (44-18-7, 95 pts)

Columbus Blue Jackets 4 (31-35-4, 66pts) - Edmonton Oilers 3 (19-39-13, 51pts) - SO

Anaheim Ducks 3 (45-20-7, 97pts) - Los Angeles Kings 2 (34-22-14, 82pts) -OT

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Popovich: ‘We Didn’t Respect the Game’

Popovich: ‘We Didn’t Respect the Game’

San Antonio Spurs/NBA(NEW YORK) -- Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich ripped into his team after their 104-100 overtime loss to the New York Knicks on Tuesday night.

Popovich watched his team fall to a 14-53 team after having a 13-point lead in the third quarter.

"We didn't respect the game, we didn't respect our opponent," said Popovich. "It was a pathetic performance and I hope that every player is embarrassed. Not because 'we are supposed to win the game' but it is about how you play the game."

Popovich credited the play of New York under first-year head coach Derek Fisher.

"They were really good," Popovich said. "I take my hat off to him, a really difficult year and watching Derek conduct himself the way he has all year long is a really impressive thing. He and the coaches deserve a lot of credit and the players were fantastic tonight. They moved the ball better than we did, they played better team basketball."

The Spurs will look to rebound against the Raptors on Wednesday night.

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Klay Thompson Out 7-10 Days

Klay Thompson Out 7-10 Days

Christopher Trotman/Getty Images(OAKLAND, Ca.) -- The Golden State Warriors will be without Klay Thompson for at least a week, according to coach Steve Kerr.

Thompson injured his ankle in Tuesday's 108-105 win over the Los Angeles Lakers. 

"He said it didn't hurt that bad at all. It wasn't a bad sprain," Kerr said. "So he went to the locker room, got it re-taped. They got it checked out."

Justin Holiday will likely get the nod in Thompson's place, according to Kerr.

This season, Thompson is averaging 21.9 points, 2.9 assists and 3.2 rebounds through 64 games.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 3/16/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 3/16/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Washington Wizards 105 (39-28) - Portland Trail Blazers 97 (44-21)

Toronto Raptors 117 (40-27) - Indiana Pacers 98 (30-36)

Boston Celtics 108 (30-36) - Philadelphia 76ers 89 (15-52)

Brooklyn Nets 122 (27-38) - Minnesota Timberwolves 106 (14-52)

Memphis Grizzlies 92 (47-20) - Denver Nuggets 81 (26-42)

Miami Heat 106 (30-36) - Cleveland Cavaliers 92 (43-26)

Utah Jazz 94 (30-36) - Hornets 66 (29-36)

Dallas Mavericks 119 (43-25) - Oklahoma City Thunder 115 (37-30)

Atlanta Hawks 110 (53-14) - Sacramento Kings 103 (22-44)

Golden State Warriors 108 (53-13) - Los Angeles Lakers 105 (17-49)

NHL: Washington Capitals 4 (38-23-10, 86pts) - Buffalo Sabres 3 (19-43-7, 45pts) - SO

Tampa Bay Lightning 4 (43-21-7, 93pts) - Montreal Canadiens 2 (43-20-7, 93pts)

Edmonton Oilers 4 (19-39-12, 50pts) - Toronto Maple Leafs 1 (27-38-6, 60pts)

Los Angeles Kings 1 (34-22-13, 81pts) - Arizona Coyotes 0 (21-41-8, 50pts)

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Ginobili Out 7-10 Days

Ginobili Out 7-10 Days

NBA via San Antonio Spurs(SAN ANTONIO, Tx.) -- The San Antonio Spurs will be without Manu Ginobili for the next 7-10 days after the guard suffered an ankle injury in Sunday's win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Ginobili suffered the injury with less than a minute to do in the third period as he attempted to rebounds the ball and fell on Timberwolves center Gorgui Dieng.

"He will be out for a good week, I'm sure," said coach Gregg Popovich.

Ginobili, 37, is averaging 11.4 points, 4.4 assists and three rebounds per game this season.

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John Wall Casts a Spell On The Kings

John Wall Casts a Spell On The Kings

NBA via Washington Wizards(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- John Wall led a charge that brought the Wizards back from a 21-point deficit to beat the Sacramento Kings 113-97.

Washington head coach Randy Whittman would probably like to take a few thoughts back when he lost faith in his team as they trailed 64-46 at the half.

"I told them, I've got to go to church tomorrow because of some of the things I said and thought at halftime," Wittman said.

Wall ripped off 31 points and dished out 12 assists, 20 and 10 of which came in the second half.

"In the first half there wasn't really an effort, and they basically did whatever they wanted and got whatever they wanted," Wall said. "We had to come back out and compete in the second half."

After dropping 13 of 17 games dating back to the end of January, the Wizards have ripped off three straight victories and put themselves squarely back into fifth place in the eastern conference.

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Kyrie Irving Scores 57 in OT Win over Spurs

Kyrie Irving Scores 57 in OT Win over Spurs

Chris Chambers/Getty Images(SAN ANTONIO) -- Kyrie Irving scored a career-high 57 points in the Cavaliers 128-125 overtime win over the Spurs on Thursday night.

Irving scored 55 against the Trail Blazers on Jan. 28, but this one was extra special because it was against the defending NBA champions.

"A few of those shots, it just left my hands and I kind of threw them up at the rim and I was lucky enough and blessed enough that they went in," Irving said.

"It was such a fun game," Irving continued. "The crowd was into it. They sold out, they came to see a great game and it was. Once Bron gets into those step-back 3s, we were just looking at each other, 'Man, this is just so much fun.' "

LeBron James held the franchise record with 56 against the Raptors in 2005, until Irving broke it.

"The kid is special, we all know it, we all see it," said James, who finished with 31 points. "For him to go out and put on a performance like he did tonight was incredible."

Spurs guard Tony Parker had 31 points in the loss. Tim Duncan finished with 18.

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Bulls’ Derrick Rose Aiming to Return for the Playoffs, but Nothing Guaranteed

Bulls’ Derrick Rose Aiming to Return for the Playoffs, but Nothing Guaranteed

NBA via Chicago Bulls(CHICAGO) -- According to again-injured Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, there is a "good chance" he'll make his return this season for the postseason.

"I think so, that's the plan," Rose said. "Whenever I feel right, that's when I'm going to step back."

Rose's most recent set-back came in late February when he aggravated the right medial meniscus, which he had repaired last season.

"Oh, there's no pacing," he said. "Whenever I come back, I think I'm going to be ready to play the way I normally play. That's the smartest thing about being patient with everything that I'm doing, paying attention to my body, paying attention to details every day."

Since tearing his ACL in the 2011-2012 playoffs and hasn't been the same player since. The former MVP hasn't appeared in more than 46 games in a season since the injury.

The original timetable for Rose's return was about six weeks, which would put him in line to return for the postseason.

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Heat’s Chris Bosh Eying a Return to the Court Next Season

Heat’s Chris Bosh Eying a Return to the Court Next Season

NBA via Miami Heat(MIAMI) -- Even though he was forced to sit out the rest of the season due to blood clots in his lungs, the Miami Heat announced that All-Star forward Chris Bosh will be healthy and ready to return to the basketball court next season.

After a recent session with the media, Bosh admitted that he played with the clots for "three weeks probably" before his diagnosis.

Bosh vacationed with teammate Dwayne Wade in Haiti during the All-Star break, felt discomfort, and was then admitted to a hospital after his wife pushed him to do so.

"She saves my life on a daily basis," Bosh said with a grin. "I was in a lot of pain, and it got to the point where I kind of had to swallow my pride a little bit. It's an athlete thing. We're always trying to be superheroes out there all the time. I had to put my pride to the side. Usually the woman is going to be the first to do that. I went ahead and bit the bullet and went to the doctor."

Fortunately for Bosh, he'll be able to resume his basketball career.

The 30-year-old Bosh is a 12-year NBA veteran and is in his fifth season with the Heat.

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Spurs’ Gregg Popovich Strongly Against the NBA Lengthening the Season

Spurs’ Gregg Popovich Strongly Against the NBA Lengthening the Season

NBA via San Antonio Spurs(NEW YORK) -- The idea of spacing out the NBA's regular season has gained traction recently, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is among those who are against the idea.

In an effort to get players more rest and avoid back-to-back games, the idea has been floated out that the NBA would benefit from playing into July instead of June.

"I've been bringing it up for years," Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Tuesday. "[Commissioner Adam Silver is] more open to it, and he's going to be considering it. Everybody's for it now."

Popovich, who's team won the Championship last summer, is not in favor of the proposal.

"If there is a game in July, count me out," Popovich said Wednesday. "Count me out. Count me out. Life is too short."

"I think the season is long enough," Popovich added. "I will not come to work in July."

NBA teams typically have between 16 and 20 back-to-backs per season.

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Trail Blazers Guard Wesley Matthews Out for the Season with Ruptured Achilles

Trail Blazers Guard Wesley Matthews Out for the Season with Ruptured Achilles

NBA via Portland Trail Blazers(PORTLAND, Ore.) -- In a tough blow for one of the best teams in the Western Conference, the Portland Trail Blazers announced that guard Wesley Matthews will miss the rest of the season with a ruptured Achilles.

Matthews suffered the injury Thursday night against Dallas Mavericks. He needed to be helped off the court, and will need to undergo surgery to repair the injury.

"It's disbelief, you know?"Matthews told reporters after an MRI confirmed the rupture. "I'm sitting up there in that tube having an MRI, and I don't hear noise, I don't feel my Achilles, I'm just ... . I can't believe I'm up there while my team's battling. I just haven't processed all of it yet."

Matthews in a valuable part of the Trail Blazers. In 60 games this season he's averaging 15.9 points while shooting .389% from the 3-point line.

Matthews is set to become a free agent at the end of the season.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 3/5/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 3/5/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Chicago Bulls 108 (39-23) - Oklahoma City Thunder 105 (34-28)

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers 3 (28-25-12, 68pts) - St. Louis Blues 1 (40-18-5, 85pts)

Minnesota Wild 2 (35-22-7, 77pts) - Washington Capitals 1 (35-21-10, 80pts)

Calgary Flames 4 (34-25-4, 72pts) - Boston Bruins 3 (31-22-9, 71pts) - Shootout

Tampa Bay Lightning 4 (40-20-6, 86pts) - Toronto Maple Leafs 2 (26-34-5, 57pts)

Dallas Stars 4 (29-26-10, 68pts) - Florida Panthers 3 (28-23-14, 70pts) - Shootout

New York Islanders 4 (42-21-3, 87pts) - Nashville Predators 3 (41-18-7, 89pts)

Top 25 Men's College Basketball: (6) Wisconsin 76 (27-3) - Minnesota 63 (17-13)

(18) Arkansas 78 (24-6) - South Carolina 74 (14-15)

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