Caffeine Pants: The New Weight Loss?


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Lose weight wearing jeans?

Caffeine has been known to stimulate your metabolism, help curve cravings, as well as give you added energy.  The average person consumes caffeine through beverages (coffee, soda, tea etc).  Others have taken the road less traveled and invested in caffeine chap stick, shower gel, gum, candy and more.  However, there is a new company that has come out with “caffeine laced pants”.  Their claim? That you can lose inches just by wearing their caffeine laced clothing.

Does it work?  That is the question everyone is asking.  There are more skeptics than supporters thus far.  Only time will tell, but for now you can purchase them online for a hefty $50 to $70.

For more information, click here.

Question: What do you think? Would you buy these?  Is it going to help, or is it all hype?

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