High Water Damages Lorenzo Boat Ramp


Boat Ramp Damage

(Idaho Falls, ID)  – Unusually high  water flows damaged the Lorenzo boat ramp, located on the South Fork of the Snake, making launching and taking-out more difficult. The BLM told East Idaho News that part of the boat ramp still under water has curled up creating a cement bulge near the ramp. BLM staff spotted the damage when water levels began to recede,  exposing the mound. “We need the public to be aware of this boating hazard and take the necessary steps to ensure their safety,” said Monica Zimmerman, Recreation Planner for the Upper Snake  Field Office. “Basically, the strong current undercut some of the concrete blocks supporting the ramp and then twisted them up and over the remaining concrete,” said Zimmerman. BLM staff was able to remove some of the concrete blocks that had come to rest on the boat ramp, but are unable to remove the additional concrete blocks partly submerged under water. Zimmerman stated that removing the concrete right now would create a bigger hazard because it would leave a 1 -2 foot sheer drop. Once water levels recede more, additional steps will be taken to alleviate the hazard.  Until then, the BLM urges the public to be extremely careful.

For more information please call the BLM at 208-524-7500

Trish Lovell

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