Man Arrested for Battery


Man Arrested For Battery

(IDAHO FALLS, ID) – Idaho Falls Police arrested Carlos A. Luna Molino early Sunday morning for battery, after officers witnessed him violently kicking a man outside the Shilo.
Joelyn Hansen, PIO for the IFPD, told East Idaho News that Molino, 29, was also arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.
According to a report, four uniformed officers spotted Molino battering a 25-year-old man lying on the concrete outside the main entrance of the hotel located at 780 Lindsay Boulevard. Other men were trying to break up the fight.
Officers yelled for Molino to stop and stay there.
Molino fled from the scene on foot. Officers chased after him as he ran through the parking lot and around the surrounding area before running into the Guesthouse Inn. Officers caught Molino after he tripped and fell to the ground.
The victim suffered some injuries.


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