Man Refuses To Come Down From Clear Channel Tower


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Man Sleeps in A Tower And Refuses To Come Down

(TULSA, OK) – The Tulsa Police have their hands full with one of the longest stand-off the department has ever encountered. A man, who has only identified himself as ‘William’, age 20, climbed up a 300 ft Clear Channel radio tower Thursday night around 11pm, and has still refused to come down.
The Tulsa Fire Department raised a bucket in an attempt to talk him out of the tower. Instead, ‘ William’ requested a Sprite, Dr Pepper, Rooster Booster and a cappuccino. Senior Negotiator Cole Butler told the News On 6 Saturday that “Dehydration at a cellular level cannot be denied,”.
Oklahoma’s reported that “William managed to sleep on parts of the framework during the day Saturday and overnight Sunday. At one point he lost or kicked off his tennis shoes, so he now is clad only in shorts, a T-shirt and red socks.”
The man shouted down to police officers repeatedly throughout the Saturday night, saying that he’d rather be on the tower than “down there”. “William’ also started crowing like a rooster as the sun rose. When questioned, the man denied that he plans to commit suicide.
“There’s no such thing as suicide,” he said.
Senior Negotiator Cole Butler agreed that he doesn’t believe William is suicidal. However, he did note that that could change at any time. Here is footage of the event from


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