Utah Man Accidentally Crawls Into The Wrong Bed With His Neighbor


Man Arrested For Slipping Into The Wrong Bed

(Pleasant Grove, UT) – A case of mistaken identity has landed one woman’s boyfriend in trouble with the law, and her next-door neighbor.
Lt. Mike Roberts reported that over the weekend the a man dropped his girlfriend off at her North Pleasant Grove home and left. But while driving home, the man decided he’d rather spend the night with his girlfriend.
He drove back, entered a home through an unlocked front door, made his way to the master bedroom and climbed into the bed, where he started touching and kissing the sleeping woman beside him, Roberts said.
“It turned out to be the next-door neighbor’s residence,” he said.
The woman woke and started yelling at him, and the man apologized and explained he thought she was someone else, Roberts said.
“He left the residence as quickly as possible,” he said.
Police arrested the man on suspicion of burglary and forcible sexual abuse, he said.
“He never used alcohol as an excuse, just flat out mistaken identity,” said Roberts, who added that the man and his girlfriend had reportedly been dating about three years.
“I was told he’s never been to her house before,” Roberts said.
He said the incident should remind people to always lock their doors.


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