Gingrich to Campaign with…Pets and Music?


Richard Ellis/Getty Images(RICHMOND, Va.) — Forget the back and forth attacks with Mitt Romney. Newt Gingrich’s campaign has decided to take another route on his bid to the Republican nomination: pets and music.

The campaign said Thursday that it will soon launch “Pets with Newt,” a site aimed at Gingrich’s love for animals, intended to show a “lighter side” of the candidate.

“As speaker I made it possible for people in public housing to keep their pets in 1988. I love pets so we’re going to have an entire project,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich does not have any pets at this time, but he told ABC News he and Callista want a dog in the White House, and it’s a friendly disagreement between the couple over what kind and size of dog.

Callista wants a small dog and Newt wants a large dog, however he says dogs like a Great Dane are a little too large.

“When I was a child I had a cocker spaniel and Doberman pincher and German Shepherd. But we have not yet had a family conference on this topic,” Gingrich said.

The other mission to be released by the campaign soon will be a music education video starring Callista, who is a classically trained musician and signer.

“Were going to do things that are interesting and positive and fun and try to get back the idea that you can have citizenship,” Gingrich said. “Politics doesn’t have to be mean and nasty and disgusting. You can actually have fun as citizens working together.”

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