Gingrich’s Iowa TV Ads Keeping Campaign in Debt


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ABC News(DECORAH, Iowa) — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s campaign made a new ad buy on Wednesday, the third of an expensive advertising venture in Iowa, keeping the campaign in debt, according to a spokesman.

A campaign spokesperson told ABC News on Wednesday that they would still have debt in the next Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing report because “we’re trying to win in Iowa.”  The campaign would not release the purchase amount of the new ad, saying only that the buy was “major.”

The ad titled “Winning the Argument,” will begin airing Thursday and shows clips from Gingrich in past debates.  The Gingrich campaign made two $250,000 ad buys in December, running two ads repetitively over the last month.

The campaign is buying a large number of ads instead of paying back debt, some of which include charter planes and debts owed from big spending early in the campaign season. ABC News reported last month that the Gingrich campaign did pay back the $42,000 owed to Gingrich himself for his list of contacts.

While the new advertisement remains positive in nature, the Gingrich campaign took a negative turn this week releasing two emails Tuesday night and Wednesday, calling Mitt Romney a “Massachusetts moderate” and comparing the “Gingrich jobs and growth plan” with the “moderate Mitt tax reshuffling.”  In previous policy comparison emails, the Gingrich campaign used Romney’s first and last name, without the “moderate.”

The other email from the campaign ripped apart “moderate Mitt’s latest ad,” which did not attack Gingrich.

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