Stabbing Witness Speaks Out Against Violence


(IDAHO FALLS) – The man believed to be the intended victim of a stabbing in Ammon Christmas morning is speaking out against violence. Andrew Hall tells Local News 8 that there is no justification for what happened the day Buck Garner was killed. And what he thought would be a one-on-one fight turned into a massacre when Joey Chavez and a group of friends showed up with weapons, fatally stabbing Garner, and severely injuring Hall. Garner’s family still needs help with funeral expenses. Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo, Westmark, or Bank of Commerce location.

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  • Precigil says:

    Here they go again
    When is this one sided news media ever going to report both sides of this event?
    Is it all about selling papers to their bigoted base? When is the editor of this paper going to demand that they cover both side of this story? Or is his writers trying to please him?

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