Bombings of Israeli Targets Mimic Attacks on Iran Scientists


Daniel Berehulak /Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Has Iran decided to turn Israeli tactics against Israel?

In a strike virtually identical to attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists, U.S. sources say a passing motorcyclist attached a shaped charge to an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in New Delhi, India. The driver and the wife of Israel’s deputy defense ministry representative to India were wounded.

Television footage showed flames pouring from a minivan with its back door blown out. The attack took place at 4 p.m. on Race Track Road, close to the Israeli Embassy.

A single source confirms to ABC News that a failed attack against an Israeli car in Tblisi, Georgia used a similar method, but the bomb did not detonate. A worker at the embassy alerted local police after seeing a black plastic bag attached to the bottom of the Israeli envoy’s car. The bag held a hand grenade.

No attackers have been identified in either incident. An unconfirmed report says that a third Israeli facility in Amsterdam may also have been targeted.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly pointed the finger at Iran for the twin attacks in Georgia and India. Both attacks come one day after the fourth anniversary of the assassination of a top Hezbollah leader.

Motorcyclists with “sticky bombs” have been blamed in several mysterious bombings of Iranian nuclear scientists. The Iranian government has blamed Israel, the U.S. and the U.K. for the deaths. Both The U.S. and the U.K. have denied any involvement. In January, Mostafa Roshan became the fifth scientist or official involved in the program killed in the past two years. Iran had threatened to strike back for the deaths.

In New York, police have stepped up security at the Israeli consulate, at residences and on consulate vehicles. “The NYPD adjusts its counterterrorism posture to include information about events overseas,” said Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne. “That’s why the public may have noticed increased NYPD presence in recent weeks at Israeli government facilities and synagogues, although there has been no specific threat in New York.”

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