Did Lyndon Johnson Conspire to Assassinate John F. Kennedy?


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(DALLAS, TX)   The book entitled Murder from Within, was written by Fred T. Newcomb and Perry Adams back in 1974.  Only a few copies originally were published…until now.   It is a body of research painstakingly gathered by Mr. Newcomb for 8-years, addressing the ONE conspiracy theory that resonates with truth;  that somehow Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the killing of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.   One of the darkest hours in U.S. History.   Newcomb’s son Tyler is speaking out on behalf of his aging father to not just promote the book, but to ring the bell and let everyone know that a very evil plot was hatched at the highest level that toppled Camelot.    For more information and to order Newcomb’s book, visit:   murderfromwithin.com

Listen to Tyler on for a full hour of Idaho’s Morning News with Tim Lewis…

Part One:  [audio:https://www.eastidahonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Tyler-Newcomb-Seg-1-Feb-16.mp3|titles=Tyler Newcomb Seg 1 Feb 16]

Part Two:  [audio:https://www.eastidahonews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Tyler-Newcomb-Seg-2-Feb-16.mp3|titles=Tyler Newcomb Seg 2 Feb 16]

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