‘Glee’ Winter Finale Ends with Attempted Suicide, Pregnancy, Possible Death


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Adam Rose/FOX(LOS ANGELES) — Tuesday night’s episode of Glee didn’t live up to the show’s title: as the finale ended, viewers witnessed what was quite possibly the death of Quinn Fabray.

The episode started with nasty Sebastian, the Warblers’ frontman, telling Rachel that unless she dropped out of the Regionals competition, he’d post a Photoshopped image of Finn online, showing him naked and wearing women’s heels.  Rachel refused to give in to his blackmail, which ticked Finn off.  But then, Dave Karofsky, the closeted gay student who used to beat Kurt up, takes center stage.  After being outed by his classmates, he’s so devastated that he attempts suicide by hanging himself; his father finds him in time and takes him to the hospital.  He’ll live, but his act has ramifications for all the other characters.

First of all, Karofsky’s suicide attempt makes Sebastian withdraw his blackmail attempts — we see in a flashback that Sebastian had contributed to Karofsky’s misery by needling him at the local gay bar and telling him to stay in the closet.  In fact, Sebastian tells New Directions that not only is he not going to post the picture of Finn online, but that the Warblers are going to dedicate their Regionals performance to Karofsky, and ask for donations to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation at the event.

The suicide attempt also makes Finn and Rachel realize that life is too short to wait; they announce they’re tying the knot right after they win Regionals, at the Justice of the Peace.  At Regionals, New Directions destroy the competition with their renditions of “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly,” “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” and “Here’s to Us,” taking first place.  As Rachel and Finn’s parents try to think of a way to stop the impending marriage, Coach Sue Sylvester, who announced she was pregnant earlier in the episode, tells Mr. Schue that she wants to help him win Nationals.  She has yet to reveal the baby’s father.

Meanwhile, Quinn, who was initially opposed to Finn and Rachel’s marriage, tells Rachel she’d like to come after all, but she has to go home and get her bridesmaid’s dress. The ceremony is supposed to start, and Quinn is heading to the courthouse, but she’s stuck behind a slow-moving car.  Rachel frantically texts her to find out where she is, and when she picks up the phone to text, “On my way,” another car smashes directly into hers.  The screen goes blank, then follows with a “to be continued.”

Will Quinn live or die?  Will Finn and Rachel tie the knot? Who’s Sue’s babydaddy? Find out when Glee returns April 10th.

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