Investigators Issue Report on Fatal NYC Elevator Accident


1  Updated at 3:15 pm, February 27th, 2012 By: ABC Digital
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Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — An elevator accident that killed a New York City woman was blamed Monday on safety lapses.

Safety protocols were ignored, investigators say, by repairmen who had left the Madison Avenue elevator moments before advertising executive Suzanne Hart stepped into it last December.  As she did, the elevator suddenly jerked up, trapping her in the shaft, where she died.

City officials say the maintenance workers failed to follow basic safety procedures and left a circuit disconnected that prevents elevator movement with the doors open.

The case has now been referred to prosecutors, so it’s possible the repairmen from Transel Elevator will face charges.

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  • elevator man

    This was truly a tragedy and my heart goes out to the family of Ms Hart and to the other two passengers in the car with her. I just want to get this off my chest , anyone who like myself is in the closely tight knit NYC elevator industry knows the truth and the how the industry is plagued by everyone from the elevator companies to the department of buildings to the third party consultants all of which talk a good game , speak of safe working procedures and following the tons of codes written for the industry but we all know that is not reality. It is interesting to see how this tragedy has everyone pointing fingers and the sad part is that Transel just happened to be the one to take the full brunt of it. Dont get me wrong if the mechanic did leave a jumper on ( which we all knew from the start ) he should be held accountable for and punished to the max for what he did as well as anyone else involved. What makes me furious about this is that everyone wants to just exploit Transel when the whole industry needs to be exploited, it is a hippocratic joke , i am so furious i cant write any more all i know is that the public should think about this accident and raise qustions on the whole industry because it is every company , the DOB and the Consultants who need to be investigated with a fine tooth comb and then the public and media would be shocked and demand change, it really is scary and i am a n elevator mechanic myself.