Israeli Leadership Adding to Speculation of Attack on Iran


ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak Friday used the strongest language yet in condemning Iran’s nuclear program, and added to increased speculation among foreign policy observers that Israel could launch a preemptive attack on Iran, possibly within the next year.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Barak indicated that Israel is prepared to take action should the series of economic sanctions in place do nothing to prevent Iran from reaching a point of no return on its alleged development of nuclear weapons.

“Many analysts estimate that a nuclear Iran will be more complicated to deal with, more dangerous and more costly in blood than if it is stopped today,” Barak said at a conference Thursday. “Whoever says later might find that it will be too late.”

Recent Israeli intelligence and reports from the United Nations indicated that Iran is on its way toward the development of a nuclear weapon, but it has not been confirmed that the Islamic Republic intends to actually build such a device.

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