Kobe Has a Concussion

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Los Angeles Lakers/NBA(EL SEGUNDO, CA) — Not only does Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant have a broken nose, he has a concussion.

The concussion was said to occur on the same play that broke Kobe’s nose during Sunday’s All-Star Game.

When Kobe went to get his nose checked, he was experiencing symptoms that led his doctor to send Bryant to a neurologist, Dr. Vern Williams, who diagnosed the concussion.

The question now is, when will Kobe come back?

He has played with all sorts of injuries in the past, but in the 2011-2012 season, the NBA made a rule for players returning from a concussion:

Any player diagnosed with a concussion will have to complete a series of tests to confirm he is healthy enough to return to game action. Once a player is free of symptoms related to the concussion, he must pass a series of physical challenges with increasing stages of exertion — from a stationary bike, to jogging, to agility work, to non-contact team drills — while ensuring the symptoms don’t return after each one. Before the player is ultimately cleared, the neurologist hired to lead the NBA’s concussion program must be consulted.

The Lakers next game is Wednesday night against the Timberwolves.

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