Rangers’ Josh Hamilton Undergoing ‘Makeover’

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — About two weeks ago, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton had an alcohol-related relapse, reminding everyone of the struggles he has gone through since returning to Major League Baseball. Hamilton is determined to find the source of his problems and why he relapsed.

“This time it’s not just, ‘OK what happened, we’ll just move past it and maybe it won’t happen again, ‘” said Hamilton, who appeared on Glenn Beck on GBTV.com. “We want to find out why it continues to happen. Whether it’s things in my life — stress, home things, whatever the case — those things might be a trigger.”

Hamilton’s stuggles with drugs and alcohol have been well-documented. He was the number-one overall pick in the 1999 draft by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Despite his immense talent, his addictions kept him from making his Major Leauge debut until 2007 with the Cincinnatti Reds. He won the American League MVP award with the Rangers in 2010.

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