Gingrich Campaign Shifts Focus to ‘Must-Win’ Alabama, Mississippi

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Richard Ellis/Getty Images(MONTGOMERY, Ala.) — After sending out a five stop schedule for campaigning in Kansas on Tuesday, the Newt Gingrich campaign said Wednesday they will no longer campaign in the state and will focus all efforts on Mississippi and Alabama.

Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond told the press on Wednesday that they’re staying in the race to compete in the remaining southern states.  When asked if Gingrich had to win in both Alabama and Mississippi to remain a credible candidate, Hammond responded, “Yes.”

“From Spartanburg all the way to Texas, those all need to go for Gingrich,” Hammond said.

Senior adviser to the campaign Randy Evans told ABC News that the campaign’s “safety net” is Texas.  The campaign is depending upon seeing the campaign through May 29 to have close to an equal amount of delegates as Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

“We’re staying in this race because I believe it’s going to be impossible for a moderate to win the general election,” Gingrich said Wednesday to a cheering crowd in Montgomery, Ala.

Hammond said the campaign looked at the remaining delegate opportunities and determined that the contests in Mississippi and Alabama were the best on the calendar.

“That’s why we’ll be focusing here,” he said.  “There are a bunch of must-wins, we have to get the delegates.”

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