Lindsay Lohan’s Return to ‘SNL’: Road to Redemption?


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Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Lindsay Lohan made the most of her personal and legal woes in her so-called “comeback” appearance on Saturday Night Live.

For Lohan, hosting Saturday Night Live is almost like coming home. It’s her fourth time hosting the show, but it’s been six years since the last time.

Appearing in a modest blue dress, Lohan jumped into a self-mocking monologue as cast members came out to welcome her to the show.

As she walked toward the audience a siren went off—a riff on Lohan’s once often active ankle monitor.

Kenan Thompson came to help the starlet but wound up shining a light in her eyes to make sure they were clean.

Kristin Wiig piled on, greeting Lohan by giving her a full body pat-down.

When Wiig coyly explained herself by saying, “I’m a lesbian now,” Lohan quipped, “Been there, done that.”

Jimmy Fallon made a guest appearance for Lohan, announcing that John Hamm (in the audience) was on hand in case she couldn’t handle her duties.

It was a sharp contrast to the last four years—where she’s been in and out of rehab, court and jail.

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