“30 Rock” Live Episodes Featured a Beatle and a Kardashian


NBC/Jessica Miglio(NEW YORK) — On Thursday night, the cast of NBC’s 30 Rock performed two separate episodes live, one for East Coast viewers, and another for the West Coast.  This was the second time the show went live, and as in that 2010 on-air stunt, there were differences in both coasts’ versions of the same episode, which centered on the sketch show TGS possibly ending its live shows.

Both episodes Thursday boasted on-air cameos from a celebrity, and while the West Coast saw a walk-on by Kim Kardashian, the East Coast was treated to seeing Paul McCartney.  As part of the live gag, both stars were shown a private bathroom to use in the show, and then they re-appeared at the end of their prospective episodes to joke about it. 

McCartney said he spent the episode off-camera unconscious in the loo after hitting his head.  Kardashian quipped she also spent the entire time in the bathroom, and in the closing moments admitted to breaking the toilet.

Other cameos included former Saturday Night Live star Chris Parnell, and Mad Men’s John Hamm.  Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler played a younger version of Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon in a flashback, while Poehler’s former “Weekend Update” co-anchor Jimmy Fallon played a younger version of Alec Baldwin’s Jack.

NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams appeared on the West Coast version of the show, while the East Coast version ended with Baldwin suddenly making out with 30 Rock cast member Scott Adsit.

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