Accused Norweigian Mass Murderer Boasts He Would Do It Again

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AFP/Getty Images(OSLO, Norway) — The people of Norway and the rest of the world got their first real insight on Tuesday into the mindset of Anders Behring Breivik, who is standing trial in Oslo for the murder of 77 Norwegians last July, most of them young people attending a camp.

Breivik, who has not denied perpetrating Norway’s deadliest murderous rampage, boldly told the court, “I would have done it again.”

Showing virtually no signs of remorse, Breivik asserted, “This was the most sophisticated and spectacular political attack committed in Europe since the Second World War.  If one can force the Norwegian Labour party to change their immigration policy by executing 77 people, that will contribute to holding our values and culture.”

The 33-year-old had previously confessed to first detonating a car bomb in the center of Oslo to create a diversion before embarking on a killing spree on Utoya Island where children of politicians from Norway and other countries attended a camp every summer.

Breivik has explained his rationale for the murders was to protest what he saw as the sublimation of Norway and Europe by Muslims.

Reading for an hour from a 20-page statement with few interruptions, Breivik explained, “I acted in defense of my culture and of my people and so I ask to be acquitted.”

While there’s little chance of that happening, Norway does not have the death penalty and it’s most probable that Breivik will spend the rest of his life in a mental institution rather than prison.

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