Emergency Responders to Conduct Earthquake Drill


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(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —   Emergency responders will be conducting earthquake drills this week, involving everyone from high school students to the Salvation Army.  Several locations around Idaho Falls will be evacuated over the next three days, with employees playing victims of a simulated earthquake.  Gregg Losinski of the Idaho Fish and Game says the drill helps to get all emergency agencies on the same page.   Wednesday, the student bodies of Hillcrest High school and Sandcreek Middle School will join in the State’s Ground Hog’s Day earth quake drill as well.  This is the mass care portion of the exercise.  The school’s students and staff will play the part of Earthquake victims in need of a meal. The Red Cross will coordinate the feeding that will include schools in Madison County, as well. The Bonneville county site will provide approximately 2,600 meals beginning at 11:30 in the parking area between the Hillcrest and Sandcreek. The District 93 school board will be a part of the exercise and join the students for a meal.

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