Eric Holder Reflects on ‘Obamacare’ Homework Assignment

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The morning after completing a homework assignment given by a federal judge explaining the administration’s stance on courts’ role in overturning laws, Attorney General Eric Holder was beaming at how well he thinks he completed his task.

Judge Jerry Smith, a federal appeals court justice in Texas, demanded this week that Holder write three pages, single-spaced, explaining President Obama’s recent comment that the Supreme Court would be acting in an “unprecedented” way if it overturned his signature health care law.  Smith is part of a panel considering a case involving how the health reform law affects hospitals.

Holder had until noon on Thursday to do so, and he sent the document to Smith at about two-and-a-half pages’ length.

“It was under three pages!” Holder exclaimed to ABC News Friday morning before Obama spoke to women at an economic event at the White House.

Asked if he procrastinated his assignment and was up all night trying to finish it, Holder stressed that he followed Smith’s instructions exactly to make his answer fit.

“I was cutting out quotes and stuff,” he said.

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