GOP Address: Okla. Gov. Says Energy Crisis Stems from Lack of Leadership

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United States Congress(OKLAHOMA CITY) — Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin tears into the president’s energy policies in this week’s Republican address, accusing President Obama of hypocrisy and double-talk that is “dangerous to our economy and our national security.”

Fallin says the energy resources in the U.S. are “enormous” and could generate jobs, but that Americans are “finding fewer jobs, higher gas prices and less opportunity” due to lack of leadership.

“Let’s be clear — the energy crisis we are facing today isn’t a lack of energy resources; it’s a lack of leadership.  That starts at the top, with our President,” she says in the address.

Gov. Fallin criticizes President Obama and Democrats in Washington, D.C., “who seem to view American-made energy as a hazardous waste rather than a resource.”  She says that it surprised Oklahoma Republicans during the president’s last visit to the state, when Obama claimed he supports an all-of-the-above energy strategy.  

“Well, this is the same President whose party pushed a ‘cap and trade’ plan that would dramatically raise taxes on energy producers,” Fallin argues, adding, “Those tax increases would discourage energy production, drive up gas prices and utility costs for American families and destroy thousands of jobs.”

Fallin also takes issue with the president “taking credit” for the Southern leg of the Keystone oil pipeline as well as the national increase in domestic drilling. She claims the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline would have proceeded with or without the president’s approval. “It was already in the works,” says Fallin.  While domestic drilling has increased, she says, it is no thanks to President Obama, but we have the “American men and women in the private sector to thank for that.” On the other hand, Gov. Fallin blames Obama for regulations responsive for the rapid decrease of drilling on public land, where “leases issued by the Bureau of Land Management are now less than half of what they were under former President Clinton.”

“The bottom line is this administration is taking credit for American energy production while it works to aggressively undermine it,” Fallin says.

Meanwhile, Gov. Fallin says Republicans are supporting domestic energy production and the jobs that come with it.

“The American people deserve an energy policy that creates a stronger economy, more jobs and opportunity, and the security that comes with American Energy independence.  We’re working hard to give them one,” she says.

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