Love or Money? What Singles Really Want

Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Like The Beatles sang: All You Need Is Love. But if push came to shove, would you give up a high-paying job for your significant other?’s survey of 1,600 singles suggests that love does conquer all, or at least it does for most people. The survey revealed 74.6 percent of men and 70.3 percent of women said that if they could only have one or the other, love would win out over a high-paying job.

However, things get a bit stickier when it comes to dealing with finances as people deepen their relationships. For instance, 20.7 percent of men said they would be willing to pool their money with that special person in their lives after a year of dating, but a mere 7.7 percent of women were open to the same idea.

Should they get engaged, 33.4 percent of men had no problem with combining finances, but even then, only 14.4 percent of women were agreeable to pooling their money.

In spite of this apparent wariness, women still thought that men should be the primary breadwinner in the relationship rather than vice versa, by 38 percent to 15 percent.

Acknowledging the tough economic climate, just 17.8 percent of single guys said they regularly spent money on “fun stuff” for themselves, while 19.9 percent of women didn’t mind splurging on themselves.

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