Netanyahu: Israel’s First Obligation Is Stopping Iran’s Nuclear Threat

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Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images(JERUSALEM) — As the Obama administration fears Israel might launch a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear Wednesday that Israel’s first obligation is to prevent Iran from acquiring weapons that threatens its existence.

Speaking at the state’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu said the event is not only one that reminds Jews of the past but forces them “to learn the lessons and more importantly to implement those lessons to ensure the future of our people.”

While Nazis were the enemy at one time, the Israeli leader stressed those dedicated to the destruction of Israel today must be dealt with.  He said that Iran is attempting to obtain weapons, making it “an existential threat to Israel’s existence.”

According to Netanyahu, the world is obligated to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, adding that “first and foremost, it is our obligation.”

Israel has already indicated it would act unilaterally to stop Iran although the White House has pleaded with Netanyahu to hold off on any military action, that could possibly draw in the U.S., until all diplomatic means, including sanctions, have been exhausted.

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