Sperm Donor Has Fathered 87 Kids the Natural Way

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Courtesy Ed Houben(NEW YORK) — Ed Houben, a unique kind of hands on sperm donor who sleeps with women to help them conceive naturally, has so far recorded fathering 87 children, with five more kids on the way.

Houben, 42, looks more like the Dutch historian that he is rather than a sex machine, something that he readily admits.  He also admits that he “barely had sex” when he began donating his sperm a decade ago.

“Ten years ago, I was not exactly David Hasselhoff in Baywatch,” he confessed to ABC News by phone from his home in Maastricht, Holland.

Houben initially donated his sperm the traditional clinical way at a sperm bank, but soon reached the bank’s legal limit for donations.  He then went private, offering his services on the Internet.  And like many of the online donors, he also became an experienced practitioner in “natural insemination” — in other words, sex.

“From my own experience, statistically natural insemination is faster,” Houben says, referring to records that back his claim.  “If people are coming all the way from Italy, they don’t want to be trying for three years.”

Houben points out that while it’s easy to accuse donors of looking for cheap sex, most of the women he sleeps with aren’t people he would choose as sexual partners.

“This isn’t Heidi Klum coming round and saying: ‘Let’s do it’,” he says.  “It’s genuine people who I would never want to hurt.  I have a good old fashioned Catholic guilt feeling and I would be a candidate for therapy if I did this for the wrong reasons.”

“In the old days I would gladly travel,” he says, “but my job has changed and I have to be around much more.  Now people to come to me.”  He still makes exceptions, however, if his recipients are entering a peak fertile period.

And they come from all over the world.  Houben claims biological offspring in Australia, Israel, Britain, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium as well as Holland.  His oldest child is 9 while the youngest is a newborn.

He is by no means a world record holder.  Houben says he once watched an episode of Oprah about a man who had fathered 200, a number he says he’ll never catch.  But he has been called Europe’s most prolific sperm donor, and he’s happy to accept the title.

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