Virginia Governor Says He’d Consider VP Slot, If Asked

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Kris Connor/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said Thursday he’d consider being vetted for the vice presidential slot if Mitt Romney’s team approaches him.

“Well I think anybody that gets a call from the nominee and says, you can help our party, you can help our country. Of course you’d consider it, but I’ve got the job built by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry,” McDonnell said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

“That’s all speculation. That’s completely up to Mitt Romney. I’m not looking for, campaigning for it, or expecting it, so we’ll see what happens. You’ll have to ask Governor Romney what he’s planning to do,” McDonnell added.

McDonnell has long said he’s happy in his position describing it as the best governorship in the country.

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