High Gas Prices Driving Buyers Toward More Fuel Efficient Cars


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Jupiterimages/Thinkstock(YONKERS, N.Y.) — High gas prices are dictating how car buyers go about purchasing their next vehicle.

A new survey from Consumer Reports found that 37 percent of consumers would make fuel economy their top priority when shopping for their next automobile.  That’s followed by quality (17 percent), safety (16 percent), value (14 percent) and performance (6 percent).

Jeff Bartlett, Consumer Reports’ deputy auto editor, said it’s clear drivers are feeling the pain at the pump.

“Gas prices have been high for quite some time now.  And there is no real sign that they’re going to go down to the point that they were just a few years ago.  So, looking to balance their budgets and keep an eye on costs, consumers are really looking at the operating costs of owning a vehicle,” he said.

In fact, 90 percent of respondents cited gasoline costs as the number one reason for wanting a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

The pain at the pump is also leading car buyers to consider a change in how their vehicles are powered.  Nearly three-quarters — 73 percent — of those surveyed said they might be open to alternatively fueled vehicles, like hybrids and electric cars.

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