Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume in Baghdad

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IIPA via Getty Images(BAGHDAD) — Six world powers, including the U.S., will meet with Iranians officials in Baghdad on Wednesday in another attempt to minimize the danger of Tehran’s disputed nuclear program.

The so-called “5+1 powers” — the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany — held talks with Iran last month in Istanbul, Turkey.  While there was no real progress made, all sides came away from the conference with a more positive attitude than in previous meetings.

Washington won’t back off from its demand of tighter controls on Iran’s nuclear program to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear arsenal. The Iranian government maintains that its program is purely for peaceful purposes, a claim doubted by virtually all of America’s allies.

Iran has been having ongoing talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations nuclear watchdog, and considers it a more reliable entity than the U.S. because the IAEA didn’t join the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which were never found.

On Tuesday, the head of the IAEA said a framework deal for inspections will be signed soon, but no further details were given.

According to Iranian state-run media, Tehran would agree to concessions in its nuclear program but only through the U.N. auspices.  Among other things, the 5+1 wants Iran to lower its uranium enrichment levels, making it impossible to create atomic bombs.

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